Sideline’s Bar and Grill

Ranch Buffalo & Garlic Parm Bangers N Mash Sideline's Bar and Grill on Urbanspoon


A few weeks back I went to Sideline’s during a Pens game (still don’t want to talk about the Pens). I have heard great things about Sideline’s for a few years, especially being voted best wings, and figured it was time to give them a try. Many places like to claim they have the best wings in Pittsburgh, so the question is does Sideline’s live up to the hype?

On the pictures above I ordered the Ranch Buffalo and Garlic Parm. The picture next to it is my buddy’s order, I believe he got Honey Mustard on the left but on the right was “Banger’s N Mash”. Yupp those are chicken wings with mashed potatoes and gravy! The waitress described them like “Thanksgiving on a Wing”. I tried one of the “Banger’s N Mash” and it was definitely something I’ve never had before or expected to have, but wasn’t bad. I’m not sure I would get them on my next visit, but I’m glad I tried one.

The wings themselves were fried crispy which I like and the sauces were pretty good too. I was more a fan of the Garlic Parm than the Ranch Buffalo. The night I went the place was packed for the Pens game and it made the service suffer unfortunately, so I would not recommend going on a game night of any kind (unless maybe Pirates lol). I was checking out their website and Wednesday night is Wing Night ($2.75 Labatt variety bottles or 16oz draft until midnight and $2.00 Long Islands 10pm-midnight and Wing specials 7pm-midnight). It doesn’t go into detail what Wing Night really is, but I think the next time I go it will be on a Wednesday to give them another try. Overall I enjoyed the wings, they weren’t the best wings I’ve ever had (that honor still goes to Wings Suds & Spuds in Moon Twp in my opinion) but I will definitely return to Sideline’s and try some other sauces.

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