Bubba’s Ugly – Visited Saturday April 4, 2009

Alright! We are up and running now baby! My first review in Pittsburgh Food is going to be a new place for me, Bubba’s Ugly on the North Shore. I tried to visit Ugly a few times before without any luck, and finally had the chance this past Saturday after a few other places I tried to visit had too long of a wait. Before I got to Ugly, I tried going to Hofbrauhaus in the South Side, I understand it is a new place but they had a 3 1/2 hour wait! R U SERIOUS?!? Then across the street is Claddagh’s, they had an 1 1/2 hour wait. So drove to the north shore for some Ugly and I think me and my buddy got the last 2 seats at the bar.

Why the visit?
Well as I said before, it wasn’t our first choice of the evening, and I plan on visiting those other two restaurants/bars in the future. I have heard of Ugly because a friend of mine and his family went to eat once before and enjoyed the food. I also read online a while back that they were voted best wings in Pittsburgh. So when a comment like "best wings" gets tossed around you have to try them.

Ugly Fries–  These could be the best cheese fries that I ever had. I don’t recall what the menu stated but especially because of the taste of the fries I am guessing they were homemade. They had a nice seasoning on them along with chopped jalapenos, nacho cheese, and then melted cheese on top. The French Onion dip that came on the side was a very taste and unique dip for the fries.

General Tso’s Ugly Wings– In the basket you get 12 wings, and by george they are some big azz wings. I joked with my buddy saying I think the chickens were on HGH. Would I call them the best wings in Pittsburgh? No. However, I would go back for seconds. Before going to Ugly I never knew of anybody to feature General Tso wing sauce, so I liked the little bit of creativity they had for the flavor. My buddy got BBQ wings, and he seemed to enjoy them as well, but I recall him saying he would’ve liked to have more kick to the BBQ.

Hangover Burger- No I wasn’t hungover, the burger was actually a pregame I guess before drinking. The burger was a decent size, but the two fried eggs that came on top of the burger really made the burger seem quite small. Overall, I enjoyed the burger, but would definitly not get a burger and wings at the same time ever again!

In between food, $5 Long Islands helped out as the peguins hockey game along with UNC vs. Villanova were on the great selection of HDTV’s Ugly has on display. Along with a pretty decent wait staff/bartender I would make Bubba’s Ugly a must on your list of Pittsburgh food visits.

208 Federal Street 
Pittsburgh, PA 15212


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