Hofbräuhaus Pittsburgh – April 9, 2009

Hello! I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! I know I did, alot of food and wine, then I got to go see a great Pirates Opening Day game! This is our year…jk…

Well, Well, Well….Let me tell you about Hofbräuhaus Pittsburgh it was GREAT! I know it kinda falls under the chain restaurant, but this is something new to Pittsburgh, so I wanted to comment on it for yinz.

The Works Sampler – Sauerkraut balls (w/ honey mustard), Potato Pancakes (w/ applesauce), Zuchinni strips (w/ lemon aioli sauce), & homemade Pretzels (w/ bier cheese). WOW! I have never had a sauerkraut ball before and it was pretty tasty. The potato pancakes were my favorite in the sampler, they were giant and alot of flavor. I liked the applesauce to provide company to this pancake, but I know a few people at my table were not fans. The bier cheese served with the pretzels was pretty phenomenal too. I am not a big consumer of zuchinni strips, but these were done right and the lemon aioli sauce was a perfect fit with them. The Works Sampler gets an "A" in my book.
Hofbräuhaus Wurstlteller Grilled Mettwurst, Bierwurst, & Bratwurst served with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. Oh man! Delicious! I have always been a big advocate of Bratwurst, especially for cook outs, and Hofbrauhaus did not dissapoint. The Mettwurst & Bierwurst reminded me alot of a hot dog, but bigger and fuller. Nothing really fancy in this meal, just a straight dish with tons of flavor.

Other food at the table- Some were not as daring to try the full German food as was the case with the Works Burger. Another item was the Heidelberger Rahm Spatzle, which seemed to be a good creation, and got praise for its moist chicken. I am not a dessert person, just never have been, but I brought a piece of the chocolate layer cake home. The description is rich chocolate fudge is nestled between three layers of moist devils food cake iced with a chocolate butter cream icing topped with a pool of dark chocolate ganache and ghiardelli chocolate chips. Umm, I got a cavity just typing that. Honestly that cake sounds toooo rich for me, but it wasn’t at all. I didn’t eat the whole piece, just a couple small bites and that was plenty and I didn’t feel that I just ate a million calories in a few bites either. All in all I believe my table found a good location in the new Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh.

So they are to be known for their homebrewed beer. You can receive a sampler of 5 beers for $5. Although when we went they did not start seasonal biers yet so it was 4 for $4. In the sampler you get the Hofbrau Premium Lager, Hefe Weizen, Light, & Dunkel. I did not get the sampler at first because I was not told about it, and then after I ordered my Premium Lager I saw samplers at other tables. Once my friends arrived I informed them of the sampler and they all ordered it. The only ones I tried were the Premium Lager & Dunkel. The Premium Lager was a pretty basic Lager. I wasn’t dissappointed and I wasn’t amazed, it was just a good lager to drink with some good German food. After dinner I ordered a Dunkel, which was a Dark Lager, and is my preferred choice. I was happy with this, and while it was the same way as the Premium Lager, no dissappointment but no amazement either, I found the flavors to be pretty good together. I would purchase the Dunkel again. The liters of Bier are around $7-$8 a piece but for $15.89 you get a Stein to take home. Everyone at my table purchased the take home Stein. Currently, the Hofbrau Seasonal Biers are not on tap, I was told that they are expected sometime in May for the "Maibock" Seasonal which is imported from Hofbrauhaus Munich and brewed since 1614. I will be back sometime in May when this is on tap. For future notice, the First Wednesday of each month at 7pm Hofbrauhaus offers a Keg Tapping Celebration for each Seasonal Bier.

Hofbräuhaus Pittsburgh (Southside Works)
2705 South Water Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Phone: 412-224-2328

Final Comment
I was not dissappointed. I look forward to future visits, and know that there will be a few. The first time I tried to get into this location there was a 3 1/2 hour wait on a Saturday night. So I advise to try and visit during the week right now while Pittsburghers are all getting their german on during the weekend. Last Thursday I got right in with no wait, even though the place was pretty packed already. While they are still a new business I know some kinks need to be worked out still, but they did a great job for how new they are and I think will have some regulars in the future.

Until Next Time…

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