The Green Mango – April 10, 2009

It took a long time, but last Friday I was finally able to try Thai food for the very first time! For lunch me and a buddy decided to try "The Green Mango" in Regent Square. Like many places that have popularity, I have tried to visit The Green Mango before but because of its small location it fills up pretty quick. The first thing I have to commend this restaurant on is its wait staff, as soon as I sat down they came over with a glass of water. Not too many people offer that service. Now onto the menu…

Somosa – lightly fried pastry stuffed with potatoes, onions, tofu and thai spices. Comes with a duck sauce. This was pretty bad, I tried to give it a chance after eating the first couple, but the more I ate the more I didn’t like it. The potatoes along with the tofu just made a mush stuffed inside of the pastry, and to me really had no flavor. This was then paired with a duck sauce, which I am really not a fan of because it also does not have alot of flavor. So the Samosa will be on my list of things not to try again at The Green Mango.

Paradise Shrimp– Tiger prawns cooked in red curry with kaffir leaf, sliced bell peper, green beans, carrots and napa cabbage. Served with white rice. This being the main course really made up for the appetizer. The plate presentation along with the overall flavor of the food was pretty spectacular. I think the next time I visit the Green Mango I will skip the appetizer and just focus on the main food items.

Hawaiian Papaya Shake- This is another item at the Green Mango that I will not be ordering again. It was basically a fruit smoothie with papaya and I am not sure what else. It didn’t give any flavor combination for the taste buds at all and made me drink more of the free water than anything.

For lunch my buddy got a Strawberry Lemonade, Chicken-on-a-stick, and Chicken Mango Salad. Out of all of that I think he enjoyed the Chicken Mango Salad the best, and just from the look of it I understood why. I give the Green Mango alot of credit on their presentation of the main dishes. The Strawberry Lemonade came out just like a smoothie and didn’t seem to impress my friend either.

The Green Mango has 2 locations:
Regent Square
1109 S. Braddock Avenue
Regent Square, PA 15218
Tel. 412-244-3310

Penn Center East
3462 Wm. Penn Hwy
Pittsburgh, PA 15235
Tel. 412-824-9500


Final Comment
Overall, I would give The Green Mango a "B", if it wasn’t for my main course of the Paradise Shrimp saving the day the rating would’ve been alot worse. I plan on going back sometime soon, the day I went was the last day of lent and of course I could only get a non-meat dish. So I would like to go back and try a few other items on the menu. If you are also in the Regent Square area a few other places to try are D’s SixPax & Dogs ( and Dunning’s Grill. A place that I plan on visiting soon is the Square Cafe as I have heard alot of great things about their breakfast.

I also found a great article today talking about surprising foods that do not do a body good-

Until Next Time…

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