F. Tambellini’s Ristorante – March 28, 2009

I know this entry is coming a little late, but hey better late than never! I have alot to post today, so let’s just get started. I visited Tambellini’s in Downtown Pittsburgh on March 28, my dad and I did a day in town. Went to a great Pen’s game and then went to see comedian Lewis Black at Heinz Hall. In between both events my dad wanted to visit Tambellini’s because of what they call their "Legendary Zucchini". My dad who worked in Downtown when he was younger talked about him and his buddies would go to Tambellini’s for lunch just for the zucchini. I also remember going to Tambellini’s when I was younger for big family dinners, but have things changed since I was a kid?

F. Tambellini’s Legendary Zucchini- I will say that the zucchini was tasty, they breaded it just the way I like. I don’t like a real heavy breading on my zucchini, especially to the point when it falls off. This was just a tiny bit of light breading. Of course the zucchini came with the traditional side of marinara sauce. This is where it went down hill for me. I like zucchini with marinara just fine, but what I really like is when it comes with a side of horseradish. Of course on the menu didn’t state anything about horseradish and we were not given an option so marinara it was. However, after the zucchini was finished the table next to us ordered the same thing but their server gave them the option of marinara or horseradish. I was highly upset. Like I said, the "Legendary Zucchini" was tasty, but I would not give it "Legendary" status.

Veal Marsala- One of my favorite dishes is done by my grandmother, Chicken Marsala, and I very rarely ever order it on a menu because of how good hers is. So I figured I would try Tambellini’s Veal Marsala. I have to say I was HIGHLY DISSAPPOINTED. For the price and for portion quantity the dinner was not worth it. It was delicious, but is not worth ordering again. You received 3 small pieces of the veal, which are no more than a quarter inch thick and they are smothered in mushrooms and marsala sauce. I will say my vegetable of the day, which was broccoli, was much better than the veal.

My father ordered the Chicken Parmigana, which he basically had the same problem I did, not alot of chicken but overloaded with green peppers, onions, mushrooms, cheese and sauce.

139 7th Street
Downtown Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Phone- 412-391-1091
Web- http://www.eatzucchini.com/index.aspx

Final Thought
While I don’t remember much about the food from when I was younger, I think at that time the portions would’ve been the right size. Today I am a little older and hungrier. So the portion size was what really made the meal pretty dissappointing. The atmosphere inside is pretty calm, and seems to be traditional italian. The restaurant is also a local favorite and even for celebrities as pictures are hanging everywhere when you walk in. The question, would I recommend going to Tambellini’s? As I said the food was tasty, the portion size is what I had the problem with. Now that you know about the portions and would like to give it a try, go right ahead, especially if you and the significant other want a nice night on the town.

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