Dunning’s Grill – April 18, 2009

Last week I posted a review of "The Green Mango" in Regent Square and provided a few other places in the square that are popular. Well this past weekend I visited another location, Dunning’s Grill. I have been to this place many times over the years when I was younger, but the older I get the less and less I have been. Each time I have ever gone, it is just a very relaxed atmosphere, nothing too exciting going on. When you first walk into Dunning’s you are at the bar, a very chill bar and even gives me a memory of "Cheers". On the left of the entrance is the main dinning area and there is nothing fancy about the place, as I said before everything is very relaxed. I can honestly say, while other places in the square have a very long wait, I have never waited at Dunning’s, I can always get a seat.

Potato Skins – The only appetizer that really caught my eye was the Potato Skins, and the thing I liked best about them was the thickness of the potato. Alot of places take out alot of the potato and leave primarily just the skin. Not Dunning’s, alot of the potato was left in and was topped with a strip of bacon and melted cheddar cheese. Not alot of frills in this food, sometimes the skins are topped with chives, sour cream, different cheese, but these skins were just simple. Sometimes simple works best. My buddy JJ ordered an appetizer of the BBQ Boneless Wings. Once again, these were very simple, boneless chicken topped with BBQ sauce.

Bacon Bleu Burger – I am really not a big fan of Bleu Cheese, but I order it a decent amount when I am out because if you can take something like bleu cheese and make it delicious then you have done your job. The burger itself wasn’t very juicy, I ordered it medium well because I didn’t want it too dry. While the burger topped with bacon and bleu cheese wasn’t overpowered by those flavors, the burger didn’t come with any type of signature dressing just ketchup and mustard on the table. When I get a burger I like a sauce to come with it. I think I would’ve been happy if the bleu cheese would’ve been a dressing. So in essence, the burger just came to the table too dry. The homemade chips that came on the side had a nice seasoning on them and were a nice addition to the meal. I remember getting the chips as a kid and not liking them. I am not sure if the chips have changed or just my tastebuds, but I was glad I ordered the chips this time. JJ also got a burger and I believe his quote was that his mouth didn’t produce enough saliva to eat the burger.

Homemade Cheesecake – Anytime I see "homemade" next to cheesecake I usually try it, because I feel alot of places just get frozen and serve that. For those of you who know me or who have read previous posts know that I am not that big of a dessert fan, but cheesecake can be a weakness at times. This to me was what saved the meal, and was topped with a blackberry sauce. I could’ve done without the blackberries, but it did add a nice flavor. I would recommend Dunning’s for the cheesecake alone.


1100 S Braddock Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15218

Phone – 412-243-3900
Sorry No Website

Final Thought
This trip reminded me of a joke performed by Chris Rock when he talked about when he was a kid and his mother bought no-frills food. Dunning’s to me was No-Frills food. I received food, but nothing that would really ever get me excited about eating it. Except the cheesecake, as I said before the cheesecake was recommendation alone for Dunning’s. If you are looking for a local chill spot to grab some food and a beer, Dunning’s will fulfill that for you. If you are looking for something with alot of flavor and a great atmosphere, you might want to find another spot. From growing up in the area, Dunning’s is the spot for people just to go and hang out at in the evening when they don’t feel like cooking or a place to grab a beer with their food on the weekend. Dunning’s provides a service to the neighborhood of Regent Square and has been doing so for many years. If you live close by, check it out, try something that I haven’t and let me know what you think. If you are not from Regent Square or Dunning’s is far from where you live, I am not sure if it would be worth the drive.

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