Spadafora’s Bar & Restaurant – May 10, 2009

Let me start off by saying that this was the worst choice for a restaurant on Mother’s Day. We get to Spadafora’s and none of my family has ever been here before, the restaurant was recommended from my Aunt’s friends. The inside of the place is nice, but VERY small! We had a table for 11, there was another 2 tables set up like ours and maybe 1 other available table, the rest of the seating was at the bar. After sitting down, they did their best of trying to fit 11 people in a space for 10, and the majority of us are not skinny. Then after finally getting comfortable we noticed they replaced their main menu with a special "Mother’s Day Menu". Let me start off by saying that when someone is placing a reservation for a holiday like Mother’s Day, let them know that your menu will be different, do not let it be a surprise. There were about 10 dishes on the total menu including appetizers. Not one dish was under $23! The cheap items were the kids menu ($10). My grandmothers, grandfather, sister and mom did not want anything on the special menu, they were all in agreement to order the chicken fingers off of the children’s menu. My nunnie asked one waitress if she could see a regular menu and order off of that. She said no, this is the menu for the day. Finally the girl who became our waitress brought out the owner and he allowed us to order off of the regular menu. Can you tell that this review isn’t going to be a good one?

Shrimp Bisque- The worst excuse for a bisque I have ever had. This was so liquid it was damn near water with an overpowering amount of old bay seasoning. The shrimp I believe was a small shrimp cut up into the "bisque". This is for sure the worst "bisque" I have ever had.

Grilled Wild Salmon w/ Mashed Potatoes & Spinach- The salmon was grilled perfectly, but had no added flavor to it whatsoever. The spinach was made with garlic, which this might be a trend at Spadafora’s, but the garlic overpowered the entire spinach. What really turned me off of this dish (besides it being the cheapest on the menu), was after a few bites of spinach it became almost gritty textured making me wonder if it was even cleaned properly. The highlight of the dish was the mashed potatoes, nothing special about them, but they weren’t awful.

Other notes- My cousin and Uncle had a good dish of a fried chicken breast with a sundried tomato spread, which both of them enjoyed. My mom along with a few others ordered eggplant parm, and all said that the eggplant was fried so much it was hard to cut and even enjoy. My Aunt Di ordered gnocchi in a butter sauce and enjoyed them.

Final Thought
If you couldn’t tell by now, this trip was a complete FAIL! I do not recommend Spadafora’s to anybody. If you do happen to visit and enjoy the trip, please let me know because if a future visit is ever planned (I doubt it), I would like to know what to order on the menu.

3932 Route 8 (Just North of Duncan Avenue)
Allison Park, PA 15101
Phone- 412-486-1800

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