Big Jim’s “In The Run” – May 13, 2009

As my buddy JJ would say "if you like to eat, Big Jim’s is the spot!". I have been hyped about Big Jim’s for a long time from that man, and he didn’t overhype at all! You will not leave Big Jim’s hungry! I have never seen portions this big at any other place ever, and everything on the menu sounds so damn good you will want to try it all. I honestly don’t know if anything I say in this review will do the food justice, you really will just have to go to Big Jim’s to try it for yourself, but I’m going to do my best.

Jalapeno Poppers- as an appetizer, these might have been the best poppers I’ve ever had. If I had to guess, I think these are also homemade. Alot of cheese, in the center, and the breading was just enough. The jalapeno wasn’t overkill in the popper either, everything in it just meshed well together.

Two Bill- This might go down as my favorite sandwich of all time! I know that is alot to say, but the flavor that was produced in this sandwich was just phenomenal. The "two bill" is basically a reuben sandwich with a twist. You get the rye bread, corned beef, thousand island dressing, swiss chesse but the twists are coleslaw instead of sauerkraut and they have added a fried egg in the middle of it all! The fried egg is what really sold me on this sandwich. IMO certain things just help accelerate food to another level, I think adding bacon, extra cheese, or a fried egg helps make anything set the bar to a new height. Alot of heft on this "two bill", but I would guarantee that if you like reuben’s that you are gonna LOVE THE TWO BILL! Another example of how good this sandwich was, my buddy Bill ordered the Two Bill and the Chicken Parm hoagie. He ate the chicken parm hoagie and said that it probably was good, but after eating the "two bill" everything else just isn’t as good.

Italian Sausage Calzone- In preparation for the calzone, JJ explained in his opinion that the calzone is just a pizza folded in half. Once again, the man was correct. The calzone was bought for everyone at the table to sample, and with 6 of us at the table, half of the calzone was left at the end of the evening. The dough had like a garlic bread type flavor I thought, which just made the calzone a home run. Inside you had the italian sausage with the cheese, peppers, onions and sauce. It was just one large italian sausage sandwich.

Final Thought
If you live in Greenfield, or close by, you have to go to Big Jim’s ASAP! If it is a drive for you to get to Big Jim’s, it’s worth the drive! My sister had the open faced roast beef sandwich and came with a side of fries and all of that was smothered with beef gravy. It was agreed at the table that this sandwich had the best presentation, but after trying this food you really don’t need to worry too much on presentation. I think I have found my new regular place to eat.

201 Saline St
Pittsburgh, PA 15207
Phone- 412-421-0532
Sorry No Website (JJ’s reason why they don’t have a website is because they don’t have any time, they make delicious food!)

Big Jim's Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon

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