Starlite Lounge – May 21, 2009

This is not the first time I have visited the Starlite Lounge in Blawnox, but it is the most food I have tried. I found out about the Starlite Lounge from my buddy Vic who goes on Thursday night’s for .40 cent wing night. These are not small wing dings either, you get the whole damn wing with this special. The wings are what brought me in and will keep me coming back, but it is some of the other food on the menu that will keep you from ever leaving.

Sweet & Hot Wings- These are the wings I got on special this week, and could be the odds on favorite for favorite wing sauce (next to Wings, Suds & Spuds Garlic Parm, but 2 different types of flavor). Like I said, do not expect to see tiny wings here, you are going to get a big wing with everything that comes with it. I would really like to see an all you can eat contest with their wings. The Sweet & Hot flavor that is on top is so great! I didn’t taste alot of heat inside of it, but everyonce in a while it would pop up just for a little kick. I am not sure what all goes into the sauce for "sweet" but one flavor that I noticed was pineapple.

Pierogies- This is what brought the Food Network to the Starlite Lounge. In one order you get 3 MASSIVE piergoies, each about the size of a 6 inch subway hoagie. Sometimes when you buy pierogies they do not fill them enough and the filling is loose. These pierogies are stuffed to the max, with a nice bit of thickness to the pierogie dough itself. Pan fried and served with butter and onions.

Breakfast Burger- I will say that I was a little disappointed in this burger, not so much how it tasted but what I expected to be on it. The burger comes with a tasty burger patty then topped with melted cheese and sauteed mushrroms then a fried egg on top of that. Everything on here worked really well together, but not what I would expect for a "breakfast burger". While I was eating and enjoying the burger me and Vic came up with a few variations of our own, which prompted me to challenge him to a "Breakfast Burger Throwdown". I have a recipe in mind and will be toying around with it in the next week, and right now we are scheduled to hold the throwdown on Saturday June 6. If it does go as planned I will try to post pictures/videos on here afterwards.

Final Thought
I really recommend the Starlite Lounge on Thursday nights for Wing Night. You really can’t pass up the special for the amount of meat you get on the wings. The pierogies are what made them famous and after eating you will really understand why. Below I have 2 links posted, Starlite’s main webpage and a link to watch their episode of Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives. Enjoy and as always, if you have ever been here, please leave a comment for what you thought of the food!

364 Freeport Road
Blawnox, PA 15238
Phone- 412-828-9842

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