Dinner Impossible Season 6 Season Finale Recap – June 10, 2009

Episode 6 – Barbie’s Birthday Breakdown
WOW! What a season finale! This was the most detailed mission Chef Robert has ever been given. It’s Barbie’s 50th birthday and Chef Robert has to make hors d’oeuvres for 250
VIP‘s and each hors d’oeuvres MUST FIT on a Barbie sized serving tray. Really?!? The hors d’oeuvres must also fit with different theme of Barbie (Birthday, Wedding, Malibu, etc). This episode also marked a first (that I can remember at least), Chef Robert can be given a swerve during the cooking process from time to time when the challengers add a dish. Well Barbie wanted Chef Robert to make a "manly" dish for Ken, and like I said for the first time that I can remember, Chef Robert turned the extra challenge down because I believe this week was one of the most stressful challenges Chef Robert and his crew has ever faced. I honestly do not understand why a lot of these missions have kitchens that are put together outside? Every time a kitchen is outside there is a problem, this week was no different because the fridge wasn’t cool enough and the fryer went out most likely because of the wind then the pilot kept going out on the grill because of the wind too. In the end the guests arrived a half hour earlier than planned so Chef Robert and the crew had to get a small sample of the food plated before the time was even up. As always Chef Robert rose to the occasion and the dinner was possible. A few of my favorites this week were the tiny donuts and the croquet monsieur.


BBQ Barbie – Mini Chicken Sliders

Malibu Barbie – Seafood Salad

Holiday Barbie – Tiny Donuts

Mermaid Barbie – Tuna Tartare

Birthday Barbie – Mini Birthday Cakes

Rocker Barbie – Croque Monsieur

Wedding Barbie – Blini with Caviar


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