Month: July 2009

Taj Mahal – July 11, 2009

Let me start off this review by apologizing for the lack of posts lately. It seems like the month of June went by way too fast and I didn’t get any trips in during that month. July is going just as quick and I am attempting to post 5 new reviews this month. I hope I reach my goal! So to start off this month I visited the Taj Mahal in North Hills this weekend and one thing I was impressed by at this restaurant was the menu size, it was massive! I have only had Indian food once before and do not think it best represented what the culture has to offer, so here is my second take on Indian food.


Non-Vegetarian Mixed Platter (A keema samosa, chicken pakora, a fish pakora and a shami kebab) – The samosa was different, it was like a big bloated egg roll stuffed with ground meat and peas. I think the samosa could’ve been better if it would’ve came with a sauce, but nothing worthy of a meal by itself. I do not recall chicken on this dish, there was a piece that looked like buffalo chicken but turned out to be what I am guessing was the fish pakora. The fish wasn’t bad, but it definitely wasn’t what I was expecting when I bit into it. The shami kebab which is a spiced beef and can resemble American sausage a little bit had a good typical flavor. I have had this before and it basically was what I was expecting. There was also shrimp on the plate that seemed to be cooked in spices as well and was very plump and tender. If I can find the shrimp alone on the menu I would be interested in getting that in the future.


Tandoori Chicken (Chicken marinated in yogurt and mild spices then cooked in a clay oven – A Specialty of the Punjab region of India) – I ordered this dish because it was recommended on another website to try. As the description states above, this is to be a specialty. Basically the dish is half of a chicken and looked to be rubbed with spices, but the description claims it is marinated. The chicken was well cooked and tasted great, but I couldn’t really detect any spices except for a sporadic burst. The chicken was good, but I do not think I would ever get this dish again because to me it didn’t seem to be any different than a roasted chicken. The one thing my buddy JJ liked about the dish was that it came out sizzling on a skillet. That really didn’t do anything for me, I prefer taste over presentation, but if you like presentation this dish might do something for you.


Chicken Tikka Masala (Chunks of Chicken breast roasted in a clay oven and then cooked in a light creamy tomato sauce) – I only tried a sample of this, but was impressed with the flavors. Basically the description above explains the dish pretty well, but I paired this with rice and mushroom kulcha (naan bread stuffed with mushroom) and the whole dish really worked well together. The next time I will more than likely get this meal and hopefully elaborate more on it.


Final Thought

Well my second attempt at Indian cuisine was better than the first, but I still didn’t think it was anything spectacular. I am still going to continue the search until I find that great Indian dish! If you have had Indian food before please let me know of some places to try out. I think I would recommend the Taj Mahal, for a try. One thing I had that I am not sure if I recommend yet is the Mango Iced Tea, it was kind different to say the least. It was like a creamy iced tea. Thinking back on it now, the creamy portion of the drink could’ve been a mango nectar. It wasn’t bad, just….different.  My buddy JJ wants to take me to an Ethiopian restaurant so that should be interesting…



7795 Mcknight Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15237-3519


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