Month: August 2009

Nick’s Steak & Seafood – August 26, 2009

Nick’s is a strickly Pittsburgh themed restaurant. The outside has Pirates, Steelers, & Penguins chairs to sit at in front of a black & gold cornhole game. Inside has tons of Steelers and Pittsburgh memorabilia from newspapers to posters and pictures. It is crazy to drive hunderds of miles and still be that close to home.

Clam Chowder- I have to admit that I was dissapointed in the clam chowder, it was good and tasty but as my friend Bob said it was more like a potato soup than clam chowder. Good if you are in the mood for soup or don’t like strong clam chowder, but not if you want a serious clam chowder.

All-You-Can-Eat-Crab-Legs – this was the MAIN EVENT! This meal is self explanatory and was delicious. I had no problems with my crab legs at all which came with fries & green beens on the side. I ended up going through 6 sets of crab legs and was worth the price of around $26.


9 Park Ln
Hilton Head Isle, SC 29928-3426
Phone- 843-686-2920

Sorry No Website

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The Lady & Sons – August 24, 2009

Does this restaurant name sound familiar? It should, because it is the original restaurant of Paula Deen & her sons. This is THE place to eat in Savannah! Everytime my family goes to Hilton Head we make time to visit Savannah, which is one of the most beautiful and historic cities I have ever visited. Last year I made my way to Paula’s restaurant and damn it if I don’t want to move to Savannah just for that reason.

Fried Green Tomatoes – If you’ve never had these before you better get your ass to Savannah and let Paula make them for you! You won’t get as much of the tomato texture as you would from a regular tomato but the breading from being friend has a spice to it and it is all topped with a vidallia onion relish and roasted red pepper sauce.

Southern Buffett- This is what made The Lady & Sons famous. This buffett has every great southern item on it from Southern fried chicken to bbq baked chicken, vegetable casserole, Baked beans, Mac and cheese, Yams, Collard greens, Creamed Corn, Lima beans, Green Beans, Black eyed peas, AND A LOT MORE! The buffett changes but the main 3 items that stay the same are the Southern Fried Chicken,  Steak strips w/ peppers & onions, and my favorite pork tenderloin with a cajun rub and sweet salsa. All this on the buffett comes with a salad bar & dessert. Wash this all down with the world’s best sweet tea!

102 W Congress St
Savannah, GA 31401
Phone- 912-233-2600

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Just Pasta – August 23, 2009

This is probably my all-time favorite pasta restaurant, and is a must to visit when I am in Hilton Head. My family and I have visited Hilton Head off and on for over 10 years now, and is about 2 blocks away from the house we stay at.

Meat Ravioli- Just Pasta offers a regular menu but also has a build your own pasta dinner selection. Last year I created this dish and had to come back for more this year. I ordered Meat Ravioli in a Bolognese sauce topped with sausage and mushroom. MANGIA! The bolognese sauce has such a layered flavor to it because it can hit your taste buds sweet then kick them with some spice. It is just an explosion of flavor at Just Pasta.

One Coligny Plaza
Hilton Head Island, SC, 29928

Phone- 843-686-3900
Sorry No Website

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Skillets Grille & Cafe – August 22, 2009

This is the first of seven blogs from my trip to Hilton Head Island this past week, and what will be my end of summer blog. I am going to split these up 4 today and 3 tomorrow. You might be asking yourself why am I posting places outside of Pittsburgh on a Pittsburgh Food Blog? Well I have to tell you that Hilton Head has a lot of Pittsburgh roots, one restaurant that I am going to write about is even Pittsburgh themed. While another place was owned by a couple who’s family is from Pittsburgh and they have a Terrible Towel hanging up. This blog in the end is a food blog, and I want to let you know of all the great places I go no matter in Pittsburgh or anywhere in the world. In these blogs I am not going to give my normal "final thought" because I can tell you now that I didn’t have a bad meal and recommend any of the places if you travel to Hilton Head Island or Savannah.

Lobster Bisque- Anytime I hear or see Lobster or Seafood bisque on a menu I have to try it. I love Seafood Bisque in general and lobster bisque is never too far behind in the taste. Skillets has a great lobster bisque, which I expected since HHI is surrounded by the ocean. The bisque had just enough thickness and had a very smooth texture and taste. I could’ve used a little more lobster, but anytime I get a seafood bisque I am usually asking for more seafood in it.

Fish & Chips- As soon as I hit the island I had a craving for fish & chips, more so from a restaurant I visit in California but I’ll take what I can get. I walked in the door of Skillets and I noticed a kid eating fish & chips and decided right then and there that was going to be my lunch. The fish was perfectly cooked and golden and so were the chips. A side of coleslaw also came with the meal and it was good but I am not generally a coleslaw fan and think it is highly overrated.

Skillets Café
1 N Forest Beach Dr.
J-1 Coligny Plaza
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 29928
Phone- 843-785-3131

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Peppi’s Sandwich Shop – August 8, 2009

Sorry that this posting is a little late, but better late than never. I live close to Peppi’s (wilkinsburg location) which is an old diner that they have made home. My buddy Vic has been telling me about this place since I started this blog, and a few weeks back I finally got the chance to visit Peppi’s for the first time. From the history I have heard about Peppi’s it really is deep in Pittsburgh tradition and all about the sports teams. So many team pictures and newpaper headlines were lining the windows of the old diner. The main location of Peppi’s is in the North Side, which I will try to venture to one day.

The #7 aka "The RoethlisBurger" – This sandwich reminds me of an old style loose-meat sandwich, but this was a mix of sausage and cheeseburger transformed to loose-meat. First time I have ever had a burger/sausage combo sandwich and it was damn tasty. You don’t get a taste of the burger than a taste of the sausage the flavor in a way can be described as layered because you get the taste of both together and it is amazing, but then you get a little bit of the heat from the sausage and then the american cheese helps out by balancing the tastes together. Just when you think you’re done you get the egg, just something extra to make your tastebuds bring all the flavor and textures together and say "DAMN THAT’S GOOD!".  All severed on a soft hoagie roll, which everybody knows is the backbone of a great sandwich, because if the bread is no good the sandwich literally just falls apart.

Final Thought
The menu at Peppi’s is pretty impressive, and there is enough on it that sounds great to want me coming back for more. Before I leave this blog today I just want to let everybody know I am going to have an "End of Summer" blog at the end of August. I will be going away on vacation for the next week to Hilton Head, SC & Savannah, GA and I am going to post my food finds here when I get back. Until Next Time…

7619 1/2 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15221-2113

Phone- 412-243-1610
Sorry No Website

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Emilia’s Garden Restaurant – August 5, 2009

Is it wrong to be in love with food? Emilia’s had that effect on me this week. For almost 2 years now my friend JJ has been telling me how great Emilia’s is, and finally taking the time to make my way out there this week was worth the drive. I think it can be hard to find true Italian food in Pittsburgh. My grandmother is where I get the majority of italian cooking and is where the standard is set, but I hate (with a passion) the Olive Garden and Bravo in the Waterfront, don’t even get me started on Lydia’s in the strip. Bravo in the North Hills is a decent place. Monte Cello’s (with their many locations) is a decent place as well, but when I want something GREAT, none of those places will do it for me. Emilia’s though, they got something there. The website says it all "Emilia’s Garden is a restaurant with a relaxing "feels like home" atmosphere and really good food".

Let me start off by saying how impressed I was at the menu, especially the lunch prices, nothing at lunch was over $8! And the portion size was something you would get for dinner. In this economy you can’t pass up a meal that can last you for 2 all for around $8!
Fettuccini Friggione – Take an italian hot sausage sandwich, loose the bun and replace it with fettuccini and cut up the sausage then add zucchini & peppers in a red sauce and that is what I had for lunch! The portion size was massive, this meal was my lunch and dinner. I don’t want to stress on the portion and take away anything from the flavor, because that was ridonculous! When the glands in the back of your mouth tingle and salivate you know you are onto something good. This meal also came with sides of homemade tuscan bread and a side salad that is accented by dressing that are made in house. I went with the sweet & sour dressing for the salad and was saving every little bit left over so I had something to dip the bread into. I think the primary goal of Emilia’s is FLAVOR, and if it is the mission they succeeded. I am looking forward to my return trip.

702 Gulf Lab Rd
Cheswick, PA 15024-1020
Phone- 724-274-0546

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Mike & Tony’s Gyros – August 4, 2009

When you enter Mike & Tony’s in the South Side you get hit with a double wammy of the smell from the gyro meat cooking in front of the door and the warmth from it as well. The inside is a very relaxed atmosphere, with one helluva hdtv, but nothing fancy on the inside except what counts… a damn good gyro. I got the gyro combo that came with fries and a drink for around $7. I was not crazy about the fries, but the gyro was what really counted anyway.

I’ve had gyros before, but never have I had the amount of meat on a gyro that Mike & Tony’s gave. If you can eat one of these and then tell me that you aren’t filled I am gonna give you crazy eyes. Nothing fancy about this food (not like another trip I recently made to the south side…) just a typical gyro (pita, lamb, cucumber sauce, lettuce, tomato, & onion). Mike & Tony’s gets an "A" on overall quality of the gyro and I recommend anybody going that hasn’t been and if you have go again!

1414 East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Phone- 412-431-2299

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