Tomato Pie Cafe – July 30, 2009

Looking for a place to eat that has fresh ingredients and a relaxed atmosphere? Tomato Pie is the place for you! Tomato Pie is located in North Park and is a great seasonal restaurant that uses some of the freshest ingredients because they grow them in the backyard. It has been a few years since I was last at the Tomato Pie but I can say that they haven’t lost their touch.

Bruchetta- We started the night with a bruchetta appetizer, and the unique thing about this was that it was served with wheat bread. I am not complaining about it because it was delicious but you just don’t see an italian appetizer usually served on wheat bread. We were told that the bread comes from Bread Works in Pittsburgh, and it was very fresh. Topped on the bread was a tomato and basil mixture that you could instantly tell was homegrown & homemade.

Portabella Focaccia Sandwich- My cousin Bobby and I decided to split 2 items for dinner, the first being the Portabella Focaccia. It was topped with basil, tomato, fresh mozzarella, and fresh spinach. The portabella mushroom was massive enough to fit on the entire bread and was very juicy after being grilled.

Tomato Pie Pizza- Our second item was the signature of the restaurant which has tomato, garlic, oregano, basil, and then mozzarella. Once again, all fresh ingredients that make the taste buds pop when eating them. The crust on the pizza wasn’t too thin and not too thick it was a perfect balance for a pizza crust.

Final Thought
I just can’t find an argument for a place that grows the majority of the ingredients in the backyard, it just adds a little something extra to the meal. A few small notes if you find yourself making your way to the Tomato Pie: they are BYOB and only accept cash. The Tomato Pie is also a seasonal restaurant so I believe they close in September/October. It is worth the trip for a relaxing night.

885 E Ingomar Rd
Park, PA 15101-1614
Sorry No Website

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