The Lady & Sons – August 24, 2009

Does this restaurant name sound familiar? It should, because it is the original restaurant of Paula Deen & her sons. This is THE place to eat in Savannah! Everytime my family goes to Hilton Head we make time to visit Savannah, which is one of the most beautiful and historic cities I have ever visited. Last year I made my way to Paula’s restaurant and damn it if I don’t want to move to Savannah just for that reason.

Fried Green Tomatoes – If you’ve never had these before you better get your ass to Savannah and let Paula make them for you! You won’t get as much of the tomato texture as you would from a regular tomato but the breading from being friend has a spice to it and it is all topped with a vidallia onion relish and roasted red pepper sauce.

Southern Buffett- This is what made The Lady & Sons famous. This buffett has every great southern item on it from Southern fried chicken to bbq baked chicken, vegetable casserole, Baked beans, Mac and cheese, Yams, Collard greens, Creamed Corn, Lima beans, Green Beans, Black eyed peas, AND A LOT MORE! The buffett changes but the main 3 items that stay the same are the Southern Fried Chicken,  Steak strips w/ peppers & onions, and my favorite pork tenderloin with a cajun rub and sweet salsa. All this on the buffett comes with a salad bar & dessert. Wash this all down with the world’s best sweet tea!

102 W Congress St
Savannah, GA 31401
Phone- 912-233-2600

Lady & Sons on Urbanspoon

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