Hot Dog Harbour – August 27, 2009

So you have been to Hilton Head before but are not familiar with Hot Dog Harbour? Well there is a reason, they have only been open for about a month! From what I can tell already I think that the harbour will be in Hilton Head for a long time to come. My friends and I sat at the counter by the grill for our lunch and talked to the owners of the place who happen to be husband and wife. They were telling us that business has been better than they expected and even look forward to the future for another shop. I wish the harbour much success and am looking forward to a future visit!

Southwestern Dog & Freshmade Chips- Starting with the chips, I always enjoy trying homemade chips because a lot of places take pride in their chips. I have also been to many places who’s chips shouldn’t even be on the menu, but HDH has some chips to be proud of! I like chips to be crunchy when homemade and not just stiff. I put a little malt vinegar on these bad boys and they could be a snack by themself. Onto the dog, the Southwestern Dog comes with chili, grated cheddar chese, onions, texas Pete, and a fried egg! Yes you do need a knife and fork to eat this puppy! This was also one of the biggest hot dogs I have ever eaten, not the length but in the width (get your mind out of the gutter!). I have never had a fried egg on top of a hot dog before and that was just craziness! The only thing that could’ve made this the ULTIMATE DOG would’ve been bacon! You know my theory by now- bacon, egg, and cheese makes everything better! HDH does have a dog called the “Titanic Dog” that has just about everything on the toppings menu on this dog, something for me to try next time!

E-5 Coligny Plaza
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
Phone- 843-785-5400
Sorry No Website

UPDATE – A year later I returned to Hot Dog Harbour and tried their “Titanic” Dog (pictured above). My friend Vic and I both ate one and after eating it they take your picture and hang it on the wall. Check out the wall and you will see my pic with on it! There are different levels, a wall if you eat 1 dog, a wall of pictures if you eat 2 and so on.

Hot Dog Harbour on Urbanspoon

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