The Frosty Frog – August 27, 2009

The appeal of the Frosty Frog wasn’t food, it just happend that when we went to drink that night I wanted to try the frog legs on the menu. The reason for the trip was because the Frosty Frog is known for its frozen daiquiris that the majority are 190 PROOF! All of the frozen daiquiris are made from grain alcohol which is why the proof is so high. If you are of age to drink and are in Hilton Head the Frosty Frog is a MUST STOP for a night on the town.

Frog Legs- The Frosty Frog prepares their frog legs like you would do wings. I got the buffalo frog legs, and the sauce which had a kick to it, but the flavor came from the frog legs. If you have never had frog legs before the best description for them is like a chicken wing. The meat tastes pretty much just like chicken. If you like trying different foods and you like chicken, I recommend frog legs. I have only had frog legs a few times, but these probably had the most meat on them which gives the Frosty Frog an "A" for the frog legs.

So I had my fair share of drinks at the frosty frog and was feeling pretty damn good afterwards, but hey its vacation you are supposed to drink. I tried the Hurricane (like a fruit punch), Jump Start (mango based), Southern Lemonade (self explanitory), and Strawberry Banana. The Strawberry Daiquiri is the only daiquiri that is non-alcoholic but they will mix 151 in with it to bring it up to speed. For the Strawberry Banana they mix the strawberry with the Banana Banshee Daiquiri (which is 190). This wasn’t on the menu, but a friend recommended that I request it and it turned out to be worth the request. Forget Sonic, The Frosty Frog is your ultimate drink stop!

1 North Forest Beach
(Coligny Plaza)
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
Phone- 843-686-FROG (3764)

Frosty Frog Cafe on Urbanspoon

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