Truffles Grill – August 28, 2009

This is one of the nicest places I think I have ever eaten at, and after walking in I really felt underdressed in my khaki shorts and polo shirt. Everything was so well laid out from the hostess stand to the bar to the table you sit at with the silverware and plates. I think the overall theme of Truffles is "relaxation", because while I noticed the upscale look of the restaurant it definately gave off a feel of a relaxed atmosphere that they just wanted you to enjoy your meal.

Truffles Chopped Salad– romaine, hearts of palm, radishes, grape tomatoes, carrots, avocado, apple wood bacon and topped with green goddess dressing. This was a very light and fresh salad to start the meal with, nothing in it overpowered another ingredient everything just made for a great start. The apple wood bacon in my opinion is always a good style to add to any bacon dish, and it is becoming more increasingly popular which isn’t a bad thing.

Crab Cakes – jumbo lump topped with a wasabi mayonnaise along with chevre mashed potatoes and green beans. There is nothing in this meal that I would’ve changed. Let me start with something simple like the green beans. I like my green beans cooked a certain way, which is cooked with a strong crisp taste and texture. Many restaurants (I should say almost all) do not cook them like this, but Truffles cooked them to perfection in my eyes and something so simple can really make a meal stand out. The chevre mashed potatoes from what I was told means they are infused with goat cheese, I like goat cheese and I can say I would’ve liked to taste it more but the mashed potatoes otherwise were delicious. All that talk about the sides I almost forgot the main event on the plate and that was the crab cakes. So much lump crab inside them I don’t think I got one bite without. The wasabi mayonnaise was a perfect touch to the crab cake and the flavors just came together so well. The texture of the crab cake was also cooked to perfection because the outside had such a nice crunch to it from the pan. I don’t think I can say anything more or better about Truffles.

8 Pope Ave Exec Park Dr
Hilton Head Isle, SC 29928-4741
Phone- 843-785-3663

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