Calli’s – September 5, 2009

I always need to unwind after I get back from vacation, and Calli’s was a great place to go to to unwind and think back to what I left behind. Granted it was about a week later that I got to go to Calli’s, but the food I ordered took me right back. Calli’s is barely a 5 minute travel from my house and since they opened mid-summer I have been wanting to give it a try. Calli’s is a lot bigger inside than I was expecting it to be as it is almost an "L" shape that splits the restaurant from the bar. I sat inside, even though it was a great night to sit outside with all of the seating they have, and the paint on the walls gave the restaurant a modern feel. The front part of the restaurant had bright colors, while the next section of Calli’s had a more soothing feel to it. A nice touch I like to restaurants now is that they are going with flat screen tv’s as accents. Nothing was really on the tv that night, but its nice to know that I could be eating there while I want to watch a game or something.

Fried Asparagus- Do you like fried zucchini? If you answer yes and you like asparagus you will like these. The asparagus had a very light breading on them just like on fried zucchini and came with a horseradish sauce which is what I do prefer as a dip. You get about 6 pieces for $3, I think this is a must for any trip to Calli’s.

Crab Cake Sandwich- This was what really took me back to vacation since I had my share of crab legs and crab cakes while in Hilton Head. The crab cake on the sandwich was great, many crab cakes around this area have many fillers inside and not enough crab. I was very pleased with the crab in this sandwich. A nice side was sweet potato fries, which were cooked to perfection! I am very picky about my fries and these would be ordered again. Next time, which there will be a next time, I want to try the regular fries to see if they measure up.

Neville Island Iced Tea- I nice twist to its long island cousin, the main difference is that Calli’s uses sweet tea vodka. This adult tea is WORTH IT!

Final Thought
I am looking forward to going back to Calli’s. I recommend it to anybody, the downfall of Regent Square is just street parking, no parking lots. There is a car shop across the street from Calli’s and you are allowed to park in the lot. I took my mom to Calli’s and she got a burger to eat and she said it was probably the best burger she has ever had, I look forward to seeing how the burger measures up next time! The menu of Calli’s is very wide, and from what my waiter said they seem to pride themselves on their weekend brunch. The sandwiches and salads were fair priced, but the pasta dishes and main dinners seemed to be a little higher than I expected around $15-22. I think I will visit Calli’s enough in the future to try a few new dishes out.

7600 Forbes ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15221
Phone- 412-242-8281
Sorry No Website

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