Benkovitz Seafood – October 23, 2009

I am always looking for a good fish sandwich in town, take a look back at some previous posts for my favorites (I will also repost my favorites in the burgh as it gets closer to lent). Seafood is one of my favorite foods to eat overall and a big reason I go to the beach for vacation. So when I was in downtown today my Aunt recommended us stopping for lunch at Benkovitz in the strip. Benkovitz is a hybrid of restaurant and fish market. They offer fresh and frozen seafood that can be bought inside, and I think closer to Christmas I will make a trip down to try some of the fresh products. The restaurant portion of Benkovitz isn’t all that big and the majority of the places to eat are countertops to stand at.

The Original Fried Fish Sandwich-  The fish was good on the sandwich, but for $7 I don’t think the size of the sandwich was worth the money. It was average size and had 2 average pieces of fish on it. I repeated the word average because really that is the word that best describes the fish sandwich. They have a cajun version on the menu and would like to give that a try another day.

Shrimp Bisque- It is very rare I think to find a good seafood style bisque in Pittsburgh. When I open a restaurant some day I will either make the bisque right or not serve an immitation on the menu. Many Pittsburgh restaurants should use the same advice, even Benkovitz. The bisque was very liquidy when it should be a thick consistency. It had a good amount of baby shrimp in it, but the flavor was missing. I will not try the bisque again.

Hush Puppies- There is a place by my house called Hook fish & chicken, they offer the same exact hush puppies but the difference between Benkovitz & Hook is that Hook’s offers a house seasoning on top of the hush puppies. I prefer Hook’s.

Final Thought
If you couldn’t tell by now, I thought of Benkovitz as just average nothing special really about them. I have had a lot better fish sandwiches around the area. If you are ever by a Hook Fish & Chicken, check them out. The prices are very reasonable and you get alot of food for the price you pay.

2300 Smallman St
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone- 412-488-3474

Benkovitz Seafoods on Urbanspoon

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