Piper’s Pub – January 15, 2010

There is a saying that if the line is long, the food must be good. I stopped by Piper’s Pub for my first trip this past Friday with my buddy Vic (who has been to Piper’s before) and the place was packed for lunch, we probably waited around 15-20 minutes for a table. Piper’s Pub is a restaurant based on food and theme of the British Isles (England & Ireland seem to be the main focus). I have to say that I could only imagine a trip to Piper’s Pub for a Soccer game could only result in something out of "Eurotrip".

Creamy Ham & Potato Soup- Wow was this more than I expected it to be. When my family does something that includes "creamy & ham" it really has a creamy texture to it. This was definitely not creamy and I was ok with that. The soup had a smooth texture that you could tell was from the cream but the ham and potato in the soup had so much flavor along with spices (that I am unaware of) that made the soup just explode. A few of the spices caught up to me to the point I had a little bit of sweat on my face. I would enjoy another cup of that next time.

Banger Sandwich- English Sausages served on a hoagie roll with horseradish mayonnaise and Jameson onion gravy. The thing I liked best about this sandwich was that the sausages weren’t served as links, they were cut up and you could taste the crispness from them being grilled a little. I personally like a sharp horseradish, and because of the mayonnaise you really didn’t get the full flavor of the horseradish but still a great addition. The Jameson onion gravy really made this sandwich, it was on the side and I used it almost like an au jus. You could get the hints of flavor from the whisky, the onion and the pieces, along with the strong gravy flavor.

Final Thought
There is a great menu at Piper’s Pub and I look forward to a return trip so I can go another round. While I didn’t know it until after my trip, Piper’s Pub was voted the 2nd Best Restaurant in Pittsburgh by BarSmart for 2009 (
http://www.barsmart.com/album_d.cfm?ID=127&IID=16).  If you are interested in finding out the other results of BarSmart’s 2009 voting, go to this site- http://www.barsmart.com/album.cfm?id=127

Piper’s Pub
1828 East Carson Street
Pittsburgh PA 15203
Phone- 412-381-3977
Web- http://piperspub.com/

Piper's Pub on Urbanspoon

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