The Penn Monroe – January 14, 2010

I have driven by The Penn Monroe probably hundreds of times over the years, even been to places that are next door to it, but I have never thought about stopping by. The Penn Monroe is on William Penn Highway in Monroeville, right next door to Elmers Fish/Pet Store. My dad and his friends went to the Penn Monroe recently and told me about the portion size and it was a place I just had to visit. The Penn Monroe is bar with restaurant seating around the bar. It isn’t a classy joint let me tell you that. The look of the place and the portion size of the food reminded me a little of Big Jim’s "In The Run". If there isn’t any available parking out front don’t worry there is plenty of parking in the behind the bar.

Famous Fish Sandwich- Before I talk about the sandwich, I believe I have asked this question before but I have to ask again, why does everyone call their Fish Sandwich the "Famous Fish Sandwich"?!? It kind of annoys me when I see this on the menu…Just a heads up next month will start the season of "Lent" for you fellow catholics out there and I will start posting the best places to go for a friday fish sandwich in Pittsburgh… but I digress.. So the "Famous" Fish Sandwich at the Penn Monroe, did it become "famous" in my book? No. I have had better fish sandwiches, but I have also had worse. This sandwich was not awful so don’t get me wrong, but the word "famous" IMO should not be anywhere near this. The size of the sandwich was perfect, wasn’t too much and wasn’t too little and to put it on the mancini’s bread is a great touch. The fish sandwich came with a side of steak fries, I hate steak fries so points got deducted from that. I believe it was only $7.99, so for the price you are getting a decent meal. I don’t think I will be back for the fish tho…My dad got a Turkey, Ham & Bacon hoagie and this thing looked fantastic! When I make my return to the Penn Monroe this is what I am going for. The sandwich had to be about a whole foot long or more and about 4 inches high, it was enormous! It also came with a side of potato chips, not homemade, but a definite plus over steak fries.

Wisconsin Cheddar Soup- This was a little different, it wasn’t a thick consistency to the point that I thought I was just eating cheese, but it was thick enough for me not to consider it "soup". The way it tasted to me was like a nacho cheese with a little heat and a little lighter and creamier to make it a "soup". I will pass next time on this.

Final Thought
As I said earlier, I will start focusing the blogs next month on Fish Sandwiches for Friday Fish Frys in the burgh. Will the Penn Monroe make my list?!? You will just have to check back and find out. I do have a good amount of places to recommend and if you have any places to recommend to me please leave a comment below.

The Penn Monroe
3985 William Penn Hwy
Monroevillw, PA 15146
Phone- 412-373-1701

Penn Monroe Restaurant and Lounge on Urbanspoon

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