Month: February 2010

Mitchell’s Fish Market at The Waterfront – February 19, 2010

Welcome to the third installment of the Lent blogs! So far I have given you 2 great bars to get great fish sandwiches from. This week you have got to step your game up a little, because you have to try Mitchell’s Fish Market at The Waterfront! The Fish Market is probably the best restaurant you can go to in the waterfront. The last 2 locations I have given you are just bars, and you know you are in a bar, the Fish Market is a nice change of pace. The atmosphere inside is very relaxed and comforting, and should be the type of place you want to go to when you want a nice meal.

Panko Breaded Fish Sandwich: Served on a white cheddar pretzel bun with a mustard remoulade, coleslaw and sea salt french fries – This was the lunch special last Friday when I stopped by, and luckily was still available when I got to the restaurant for dinner. I’m not a fan of coleslaw so I skipped over that, but the fries on the side were crisp and perfectly cooked. The fish was light, which the panko breading helped out with, and had a great texture and taste that was accented with the mustard remoulade. I think the white cheddar pretzel bun was paired with this sandwich just for fun. The fish itself makes this a great sandwich, but the pretzel bun just created an enhanced flavor and experience while eating this sandwich.

Another favorite I have at the Fish Market is the colossal shrimp cocktail w/ horseradish cocktail sauce. I have a few shrimp items that I like to eat at the fish market, but this shrimp cocktail is far and beyond the best I have ever had. Now, my favorite dish of all time at the Fish Market is the Kung Pao Calamari! This appetizer is a meal in itself! The calamari is fried to perfection and what makes this dish stand out is the Kung Pao dipping sauce on the side. I guarantee the Kung Pao Calamari will be a favorite of yours as well!!

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth after your meal, a must have is the Sharkfin Pie! It is butter fudge ice cream, honey roasted peanuts, fudge, peanut butter, and an Oreo cookie crust! It is such a big dessert that you will want to share, especially if you and your better half are having a nice evening out.

185 West Waterfront Drive
Homestead, Pennsylvania 15120
Phone- 412-476-8844

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Perrytowne Drafthouse – February 17, 2010

To continue with the Lent & Fish Sandwich theme here is my 2nd entry. Next week and the coming weeks I will try and post these blogs on Thursday so you can try them out on the following Friday. Perrytowne Drafthouse is another place that I have only found because of working in North Hills, and this is one of my favorites as well.

I always start my meal off with a cup of the New England Clam Chowder, probably the best I have ever had. This almost reminds me of a bisque most times because of the amount of clams inside and for how thick the chowder is. By far the most flavorful chowder I have ever had. Once you have the chowder you must then move to the Perrytowne’s Famous Fish Sandwich which is a beer-battered fish, and is one of the biggest fish sandwiches I know of that is served on a hoagie roll. Get this with a side of their homemade potato chips, and you have yourself a meal that won’t let you move for at least 48 hours.

1002 Perry Hwy
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Phone- 412-367-9610

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Armand’s Bar – February 12, 2010

This past Friday I got to enjoy one of the best fish sandwiches in Pittsburgh, not for the first time because I have been going to Armand’s since I was a kid, but I made sure I went before Lent began! I said a few weeks back that during Lent I am going to try and make some posts of my favorite fish sandwiches and fish fry’s in Pittsburgh. Since today is the start of Lent (Ash Wednesday) why don’t we start with my favorite!

Armand’s Bar is located in Bloomfield and IMO is the best of the best! I try to avoid Armand’s as much as possible during Lent because of the long wait. There have been years that I have gone on a Friday and waited over an hour. It is best to call ahead and then pick up the food. Armand’s is also not one of the cheapest fish sandwiches in the city going for $9 and change all you get is a fish sandwich. BUT… you can feed more than one person for the fish sandwich. A good rule of thumb is for every sandwich you order you can feed 2 people, but you will have to ask for extra buns. Armand’s does have more on the menu other than a fish sandwich but after you try it you will not want to stray away. Bring cash, Armand’s doesn’t take cards!

4755 Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15224
Phone- 412-681-3967

Chowdown Countdown

Sorry folks, this isn’t a review, just watched the final episode of the Travel Channel’s "Chowdown Countdown" and PIttsburgh’s own Primanti Brothers came in 3rd place for the best place to chowdown in the country! If you have noticed I have never once reviewed Primanti Brothers, well there is a reason. The point of this blog for the past year is to find places in PIttsburgh that you probably would never go to and bring them to your attention. If you have lived in Pittsburgh for any amount of time you have probably had a Primanti sandwich, if you haven’t there is something wrong with you. Another point of this blog is to not focus on any types of chain restaurants, so Primanti fits into that category. If you are not from Pittsburgh or are new to the area and you want to know more about Primanti’s don’t hesitate to email or post a comment below and I will respond back to you. Check out the Primanti’s website below and also check out the Chowdown Countdown site to find out the best places to chowdown in the country!