Chowdown Countdown

Sorry folks, this isn’t a review, just watched the final episode of the Travel Channel’s "Chowdown Countdown" and PIttsburgh’s own Primanti Brothers came in 3rd place for the best place to chowdown in the country! If you have noticed I have never once reviewed Primanti Brothers, well there is a reason. The point of this blog for the past year is to find places in PIttsburgh that you probably would never go to and bring them to your attention. If you have lived in Pittsburgh for any amount of time you have probably had a Primanti sandwich, if you haven’t there is something wrong with you. Another point of this blog is to not focus on any types of chain restaurants, so Primanti fits into that category. If you are not from Pittsburgh or are new to the area and you want to know more about Primanti’s don’t hesitate to email or post a comment below and I will respond back to you. Check out the Primanti’s website below and also check out the Chowdown Countdown site to find out the best places to chowdown in the country!


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