Armand’s Bar – February 12, 2010

This past Friday I got to enjoy one of the best fish sandwiches in Pittsburgh, not for the first time because I have been going to Armand’s since I was a kid, but I made sure I went before Lent began! I said a few weeks back that during Lent I am going to try and make some posts of my favorite fish sandwiches and fish fry’s in Pittsburgh. Since today is the start of Lent (Ash Wednesday) why don’t we start with my favorite!

Armand’s Bar is located in Bloomfield and IMO is the best of the best! I try to avoid Armand’s as much as possible during Lent because of the long wait. There have been years that I have gone on a Friday and waited over an hour. It is best to call ahead and then pick up the food. Armand’s is also not one of the cheapest fish sandwiches in the city going for $9 and change all you get is a fish sandwich. BUT… you can feed more than one person for the fish sandwich. A good rule of thumb is for every sandwich you order you can feed 2 people, but you will have to ask for extra buns. Armand’s does have more on the menu other than a fish sandwich but after you try it you will not want to stray away. Bring cash, Armand’s doesn’t take cards!

4755 Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15224
Phone- 412-681-3967

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