St. Sebastian Parish Fish Fry – February 26, 2010

Well after reviewing a few restaurants and bars you can get fish at, it is now time for the first church fish fry blog! For a few years now I have heard about the Epiphany Catholic Church and their Fish Fry, last Friday I was supposed to finally go. However the snow that we got prevented me from going. Instead I went to St. Sebastian’s in the North Hills. My family attends St Sebastian’s and it is right down the street from our office. I have gone for other dinners throughout the year but never gone to a fish fry.

I was pretty impressed with the St. Sebastian Fish Fry, for $8 you receive your choice of baked or fried Cod. I went with the fried cod, and out of all the fish fry’s I have gone to over the years this piece of fish was one of the biggest. Along with it I received a fresh fruit salad (or side salad) that I can only describe as delicious! It had cantalope, honeydew, grapes, and berries. Very delicious and fresh! Other sides that came with the meal were applesauce (or colewslaw), broccoli & cauliflower, mac & cheese (or pierogies or french fries). You get a beverage of either iced tea or lemonade and the church kids walked around selling dessert as well.

I can honestly say that I couldn’t move much after this meal, for the price and quality if you are by the North Hills on a Friday evening during lent you might want to stop by!


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