Sieb’s Pub – March 19, 2010

After today’s blog, I will only have 2 more friday fish blogs left. I hope that these have helped you out during lent or at least to find some new fish spots. Please comment and let me know if you would like more themes for the blog and if this one went over well. Also, this upcoming Monday (March 22) I will start posting 2 restaurant that are from Pittsburgh and have you the fans vote on who is better. In the end it will be set up like a March Madness tournament to crown Pittsburgh’s best place to eat! I will post the restaurants on here, facebook, and twitter so make sure you come back to vote on Monday!

If you recall, Sieb’s was the place me and my friend Vic did the Man vs. Food challenge back in January. Sieb’s is only a few doors down from my office and we have been visiting more and more lately. Today I stopped by to get a fish sandwich, and once again I was not dissappointed by the food. One of my favorite sandwiches in North Hills is at Perrytowne Draft House, well this sandwich at Sieb’s was just as big. The thing I liked about Sieb’s fish was that it had a nice crunch to it, the breading wasn’t real soggy. Compare this sandwich to Perrytowne and they are the same size, Perrytowne has a soft beer batter to the fish and Sieb’s is light and crunchy. The Sieb’s Fish Sandwich was the perfect amount for a sandwich and wasn’t overloaded on the bun. I also ordered the sandwich with french fries which Sieb’s gets an extra point for because they have great crunchy fries as well. I recommend giving Sieb’s a try as they have a great bar atmosphere with incredible food!

3382 Babcock Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA 15237-2422
Phone- 412-364-8511

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One comment

  1. NEVER book any event here! After booking it months in advance, we were informed that they would not accommodate our wedding rehearsal dinner because they would not make enough money with only 30 people and we were turned away the week of our dinner. Years later, turning the other cheek, we booked an Irish Wake for our father and that same Owner/Manager literally approached us and started an argument with us in front of our grieving family. I quote verbatim which can also be validated by witnesses, “We are not here to make you happy or to make friends, we are a business and we are only here to make money, period”. These are facts, not opinions. My family was insulted, my wife and my dignity on NUMEROUS occasions. Shame on me for trying to be Christian and civil about things and give people multiple chances to earn business. Shame on Sieb’s for calling themselves a “family” business. Don’t make the same mistakes, please!

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