Day 3 of March Madness is now under way! Tomorrow the final first round matches will be announced and Friday will be an all day voting for this weeks picks.

Pick Your Favorite Pub: Sieb’s Pub (North Hills) vs. Piper’s Pub (South Side)

Favorite Gyro: Mike & Tony’s (South Side) vs. Zorba’s (Downtown)

Favorite Breakfast: Pamela’s (various locations) vs. Square Cafe (Regent Square)

Favorite Pizza: Vincent’s Pizza Park (Forest Hills) vs. Mineo’s Pizza House (Sq. Hill)

Favorite Fish Sandwich: Armand’s (Bloomfield) vs. Perrytowne Draft House (North Hills)

Taj Mahal (North Hills) vs. Hokkaido (Sq. Hill)

Jobi B’s (Forest Hills) vs. Spadafora’s (Allison Park)

Favorite Sub: Uncle Sam’s (Oakland) vs. South Side Steaks (South Side)

Let your voice be heard Pittsburgh! Leave a comment below or use the following ways to vote:

email- yinzhungry@livejournal.com

twitter- http://twitter.com/yinzhungry

facebook- http://www.facebook.com/pages/Yinz-Hungry/396867489744?ref=mf


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