Epiphany Catholic Church Fish Fry – March 26, 2010

This will be the last Friday Fish blog this year as next week is the Holy weekend (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday). Most churches do not have a fish fry on Good Friday, I am not really sure of the real reason. However the church I went to today for lunch has their Friday Fish Fry almost year round. From September – June, every Friday the Epiphany Catholic Church has a fish fry in their hall. Epiphany is the big red brick church across from Mellon Arena and in front of the new Arena. Some of my family has gone down to the church before for dinner, but I have never had the chance to go. A few weeks back we were scheduled to go for dinner, but that was when we were getting that snow storm.

For those of you have read past blogs or even this years Friday Fish blogs you will know that my favorite fish sandwich is Armand’s in Bloomfield. Well watch out Armand’s this sandwich is easily a runner up! Out of size and cost alone this sandwich could out match Armand’s, but I prefer the overall fish sandwich at Armand’s better. For $7.50 this sandwich is massive and can be easily split between 2 people. The fish was huge, and was bigger then the bun when split. The only thing that I wasn’t crazy about, and I have noticed this in some other fish breading, I kept getting a hint of cinnamon when eating the sandwich and like I said I have noticed this in other places that have fried fish. The place I notice it at is Monte Cello’s in the North Hills, and it really turns me off from eating their fish. At Epiphany I wasn’t getting a powerful amount but just sporadic as I ate the sandwich. My Uncle got a baked fish sandwich and the baked fish was just as big as the fried, alot of places when the offer baked and fried the baked fish is considerably smaller than the fried. I think next time I go I will try the baked sandwich. Like I said at the beginning, the best part of this Fish Fry is that if you missed it during lent you have more then enough time during the year to go, except July & August when they are closed!

1018 Centre Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219-3502
(across from Chatham Center & Mellon Arena)
Phone- 412 471-1008 


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