Zorba’s – June 23, 2010

I’M BACK!!!! Did you miss me? Sorry for the hiatus after the March Maddness tournament, but I have been trying to save up some money lately. Of course the first thing to go is eating out, but the plus side of not going to out to eat is cooking at home and working on those culinary skills! I am working on a new fried chicken recipe right now, after I perfect it I will make sure to post it here. I also got back from Vegas a few weeks ago and enjoyed some great meals out there, I decided not to post them but if you need a few good spots to hit up when you go to Vegas email me and I will let you know about them.

I’ve got a nice cold glass of iced tea so I’m ready to get started on the new blog…Zorba’s in Downtown Pittsburgh!

I’ve been out of college for 3 years now, but when I first started at Robert Morris University in Downtown Pittsburgh one of my first treats was lunch at Zorba’s. From day 1 I was hooked! Zorba’s to me has the most flavor in their Gyro meat, and they claim to be the best in town (just like so many other restaurants do). I know many people who will swear towards Mike & Tony’s, and I have to say that Mike & Tony’s are good but they just can’t compare to the flavor of Zorba’s. The gyro meat alone makes the meal not matter if you get it as a gyro or salad, either way you are getting a tremendous portion. On the salad its more gyro on a dish and less salad, but if the salad makes you feel healthier to each their own. Of course you can’t talk about a gyro without the sauce, most gyro shops have a thick cucumber sauce but Zorba’s has a great creamy cucumber sauce that helps enhance the flavor throughout the gyro instead of in sporadic bites. If you aren’t in the mood for gyro meat and still want something authentic, try the Greek salad (some former coworkers of mine dubbed it "My Big Fat Greek Salad" when My Big Fat Greek Wedding was popular) and it comes with feta, olives, pepperoncinis and pepper rings served with pita bread. Lastly I am going to talk about what ties everything together with pretty much anything you get at Zorba’s… it is the pita bread. I dare you to find a better pita bread to go with your gyro or salad. Zorba’s toasts the pita to perfection, and when you get a salad the pita comes on the side and I think gets toasted a little extra for a better bite and crunch.

That is all I have for Zorba’s, if you work in Downtown and haven’t had Zorba’s you better get on it fast! Another favorite that they are known for is the Grilled Chicken salad, it has been too long since I have had one of these so I won’t comment too much on it except to give you another choice on your next trip.

400 Smithfield Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone- 412-471-9930
Sorry No Website

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