Rivertowne Inn – June 23, 2010

When I go to a new place, I try to take a picture of the food so you can get a quick idea of what to expect… we had so much food on our table at Rivertowne that it wasn’t possible to get a good picture of what we had. My friends (JJ, Vic & Ed) and I have been wanting to try Rivertowne for a little while so we made sure we took the time out this past week to try and get a good night of food in. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! The only downside of us going Wednesday was that it was wing night, something we weren’t aware of before going, and the place was PACKED! We eneded up sitting at the bar and having a beverage or two before getting our table for the evening. Just a word of advice, if you aren’t interested in going to Rivertowne for wings on a Wednesday and you are hungry, you might want to find another place because we got after we got a table the crowd died out a bit but then picked up again.

Scotch Eggs- I have seen people have these on many different cooking shows, but I’ve never had the chance to order them on a menu before. So as soon as I saw these I knew I had to order them: Two hard boiled eggs wrapped in Italian sausage and deep fried, served with a side of fire sauce. They came cut in half so each of us got to try a half of an egg, the sausage was good and it was simple. Not an overpowering flavor from anything, but what really highlighted this was the fire sauce (which can be a wing sauce too) it had a really nice kick and heat to it! Wasn’t overpowering if you used the right amount, I can’t imagine it being a little intense if you would get it as the wing sauce.

Bacon-Cheddar Ranch Fries- Hand-cut potatoes, crumbled bacon and shredded cheddar cheese, served with a side of ranch dressing. It says it on the menu and you could really tell these fries were hand-cut because they had that fresh cut taste about them. Enough bacon and cheddar on the fries to compliment one another on each bite and the ranch was on the side if you chose to use it.

Jumbo Wings – Since it was wing night, I had to at least try some… Jumbo wings were .50 a piece and boneless were .75, and you had to get a minimum of 4 wings. I ordered 4 of the Cajun Bourbon. The wing was fried hard which I like and the outside had a nice crisp bite when you took it apart or bit into it. The sauce was like a kicked up bbq sauce, and im sure the cajun spice used in this sauce is also used as the cajun rub.

Jambalaya Submarine – Cajun-grilled chicken breast, ham, sausage, onions, red and banana peppers, topped with lettuce and tomato, served with a Creole mayo. When I took a bite of this sandwich some of the flavor brought me back to the wings above because of that cajun chicken with each. The flavors that really made this sandwich was immediately the sauteed banana peppers and onions along with the creole mayo. I don’t think I have ever had sauteed banana peppers and onions on a sandwich before and I don’t know if I can go back to regular peppers now! Those subtle flavors just really helped combine the whole sandwich together, and this sandwich alone would be worth the trip back to Rivertowne!

Rivertowne has a total of 4 locations, with Verona being the main stop which is where we went for the evening. I plan on making a trip to the other locations to see if the quality is the same at all of them and if any place offers anything different.

500 Jones Street
Verona, PA 15147
Phone- 412-828-3707
Web- http://www.myrivertowne.com/

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