Bocktown – January 4, 2011

beer belly challenge

Alright, before I get started I need to say that if I do another food challenge somebody needs to step in and stop me! Last year I did the “Irish Challenge” and that did some damage, but its the ones that you think will be simple that destroy you!


Some friends and I went to bocktown because we checked out their menu a while back and really wanted to see what the place was like. The menu is ridiculous and I recommend you follow the link below and check it out. If you can’t find something on the menu here that you like, then you just don’t like food. As we walked towards Bocktown we noticed a sign called the “Beer Belly Challenge”. The Beer Belly Challenge consists of 2lbs of fries, 3 toppings and 30 minutes (timed) to finish (thanks to Bocktown for reminding me of the details). So I figured, that doesn’t sound so tough… I swear I am still feeling the effects of that challenge… I got fries with Beer Cheese, Bacon & Sausage. I did a decent job to start but about half way through each bite just didn’t have flavor any more because all I could taste was salt. I had a beer but couldn’t even drink that I just had to wash each bite with water. Let me say that the toppings and the fries were delicious, each by themself and together, but after nonstop eating of these they just began to overload my taste buds. In the end, I finished with time remaining, I think it was like 2 or 3 minutes, and I got my free t-shirt!

Well that night I also ordered a Hot Sausage Meatball Sandwich, figuring the beer belly challenge wouldn’t harm me, I was wrong. The sandwich is listed as- Our spicy hot sausage meatballs made with Ricci’s sausage simmered in a robust tomato sauce, served on a toasted roll with Monterey jack cheese. Now the sandwich sounds tasty, and could’ve been, but after eating all of those fries there is no way I would be able to answer if it was or not.

I look forward to another trip to Bocktown, one that will not involve a beer belly challenge, so I can try a few other items on the menu that have caught my eye!

Have you been to Bocktown? Let me know what you like so I can try it the next time I go!

690 Chauvet Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15275
(412) 788-2333

Bocktown Beer and Grill on Urbanspoon

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