The Pizza Challenge : Mineo’s vs. Aiello’s (January 30, 2011)

My buddy JJ has been wanting to do some pizza challenges since last March when I did the March Madness Tournament on here. So recently we picked a night and did 2 legendary Sq Hill Pizza Shops: Mineo’s vs. Aiello’s! I think it’s pretty tough to live in or around Pittsburgh without knowing either of these places, and to have never had is just a shame! I have had Mineo’s for years, but couldn’t ever remember trying Aiello’s and generally people prefer one or the other.

Mineo’s: Sausage, Pepperoni & Mushroom Pizza- As far as I can remember I can’t get a Mineo’s pie without Sausage because I think they have the best around and what else makes a mineo’s pie? THE CHEESE! So much cheese! It’s 10am and I’m drooling just thinking about how delicious it is! The only problem I ever have with a Mineo’s pie is that because of the cheese and toppings the crust can fall apart easily, its more of a knife and fork pizza. The crust is always crispy around the edges at the end.


Aiello’s: T-REX Pepperoni, Sausage, Ham, Bacon, Capicolla and Provolone Cheese – The crust was the first thing I noticed on this pie, because it was similar to Mineo’s in taste and texture but Aiello’s I noticed stayed a little more firm underneath the toppings so it was easier to eat as a slice. The toppings were great, I’ve never ordered a combination like that before so it was unique and wasn’t overpowering at all either.

WINNER – Mineo’s Pizza. Aiello’s was a great pie, and wouldn’t turn another one down from them, but if I have my choice I will order Mineo’s again and again. JJ, Vic & myself all agreed Mineo’s was the winner. Mineo’s had the better toppings (the CHEESE man, THE CHEESE!) that just made the pizza quality better.

So now it’s your turn, go out and try both Mineo’s & Aiello’s and let us know what you thought and who you think the winner is…

Also, let me know if there are any other pizza shops that should get used in future Pizza Challenges!

Mineo’s Pizza Sq. Hill
2128 Murray Avenue # 1
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Phone- (412) 521-2053

Mineo's Pizza House (Squirrel Hill) on Urbanspoon

Aiello’s Pizza
2112 Murray Avenue # 1
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Phone- (412) 521-9973

Aiello's Pizza on Urbanspoon


One comment

  1. Thanks for the Murray Ave showdown, Christopher. Unfortunately, my vote goes to neither. Both pizza shops used CANNED mushrooms instead of fresh. I’m surprised you didn’t mention it in your article since you did order mushrooms at Mineo’s. I just don’t get what the big deal would be to carry fresh mushrooms… enough people order them that I can’t imagine there would be waste. So I’ll be steering clear of both shops til they can both promise us fresh, local ingredients!

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