New Features


I hope everyone is liking the new website, I know I prefer it a lot more than the previous! I am finally getting this site to where I want it, besides switching to wordpress some bonus features have been a new mobile page which livejournal never offered us and even an iPad page! You can also check out my twitter feed on the right hand side, which I promise will start to feature more food related topics compared to me just posting about the blogs on their before. All these features are to help make your #1 source for all Pittsburgh related foodie topics. Here is a checklist of features that I have wanted to add to the site for some time, you can see what I have already made happen and what is in store for the future of this site:

-Pittsburgh Theme (check!)
-New Site (check!)
-Mobile Page (check!)
-Food Pics (I try to do this!)
-Guest Bloggers (we have done 1 so far)
-Video Blogs
-Recipe Page
-Healthy Choices Page
-Drinks Page

Sometimes it is hard to do that last one, whether its finding the funds to go out to eat or just wanting to try to eat healthier or even wanting to cook in. Thats the reason I want to add some new pages, some of the food I blog about is more delicious than it is healthy and I want to start making this page accessible to everyones culinary lifestyles. I hope you will look forward to seeing these changes just as much as I am in creating them! They will all be a work in progress and won’t happen over night, so keep checking back and make sure you LIKE YH on facebook and FOLLOW YH on twitter or even subscribe to this blog to stay up to date on all the latest blogs and changes in the future!

Stay Hungry Pittsburgh!

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