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Hershel's East Side Deli on Urbanspoon

Hershel’s East Side Deli
Reading Terminal Market
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone – 215-922-6220

Above you will see a picture from Hershel’s East Side Deli in Philly at the Reading Terminal Market, I was on a business trip to Philly a few weeks back and it was my first time there so I was looking forward to what I would find. I was at the Pennsylvania Convention Center and directly across the street is the Reading Terminal Market, I have heard great things about this place and was really looking forward to seeing what they had to offer. For lunch the first day we found ourselves at Hershel’s and we heard the reuben’s and brisket sandwiches were the best. I was about to order the brisket when I saw the reuben and it looked A-MAH-ZING! As you can see on the pick, the top of the sandwich had a nice crisp toast from a sandwich press, but the bottom which is not pictured was simply awful. It was burnt and soggy (I still can’t wrap my head around how that happened) and made the sandwich lack certain flavors. The bread that was toasty was great, the corned beef was mostly delicious but the bottom of the sandwich ruined the whole experience for me. I don’t know if this is normal for their sandwiches but its a definite turn off.

Famous 4th Street Cookie Company on Urbanspoon

After eating at Hershel’s I needed something to help my taste buds regain their strength and thats when I found the “Famous 4th Street Cookie Company” and the area smelled like diabetes HEAVEN! Every once in a while I order a black and white cookie at starbucks and as you know if you go to starbucks their pastry area SUCKS! But the black and white cookie is usually decent and soft so its better than dry and hard as a rock as their other products. Well I saw 4th Street had black & white cookies, so I figured they have to be a step up here. THIS COOKIE WAS THE BEST COOKIE I HAVE EVER HAD! I could actually taste every bit of flavor (especially the butter) inside it. My sister had to go to Philly that following weekend and I asked her to pick me up one for home thats how good I thought they were. So a quick recap, if you are in Philly skip Hershel’s and go straight to Famous 4th Street Cookie Company!

Jim's Steaks on Urbanspoon

Jim’s Steaks
Queen Village/South Street
400 South St
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Phone – 215-928-1911
Web –

Now of course this wouldn’t be a proper Philly blog if I didn’t talk about Cheese Steakes! The whole trip and for months I have thought about the Pat vs. Geno’s challenge and I was ready for it, but leading up to my trip my friend Mike told me I had to try Jim’s while I was in Philly. So I added Jim’s to the list if there was time. When I got to Philly and started talking to alot more of the locals, they all advised me that if I wanted to go to Pat’s and Geno’s places they are fine, but that locals eat at Jim’s. Well you don’t have to tell me again, I’m going to Jim’s! In Pittsburgh it is rare to see us use cheez whiz on steaks, so while in Philly I knew I was going to go for it. I got a cheese steak wit whiz and onion and even added some mushrooms on that bad boy! I also found out that if you want lettuce and tomato on your cheese steak that is called a cheese steak hoagie, learn something new every day. I will say that it is a mighty tasty sandwich at Jim’s and was very happy to enjoy a cheese steak while in Philly. Will I crave a cheese steak from there so much that I want to drive 6 hours just to get one? OH HELL NO! I have plenty of options by my house that I think are just as good and some may be even better! My FAVORITE place to get a cheese steak hoagie is right in Swissvale just a few blocks from my house, RUDY’S! They just can’t be beat, if you aren’t at the Rudy’s in Swissvale you don’t have the right one! I have tried some of the others and they just can’t even compare!


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