Myrtle Beach Vacation

2 weeks ago I was able to take a family vacation to Myrtle Beach, and its been a few years since I was able to travel to Myrtle Beach so I was looking forward to the foodie finds!

The first place recommended by a friend of mine was the Giant Crab:
Giant Crab on Urbanspoon
The Giant Crab is buffet style and has a huge assortment! The favorite of the night was the crab legs (which of course is all you can eat because its a buffet) and that alone is worth the $25 price tag of the buffet. GC has a nice selection of raw and cooked fish on the buffet, so there really is something for everyone. My family and I didn’t try 2 areas that sounded good which was a hibachi and also a pasta bar. With both of those add on’s I think any member of your family will like the Giant Crab.

The next night out we went to a very unique restaurant called “DICKS”
Dick's Last Resort on Urbanspoon
Dicks Last Resort is a great place to laugh and grab a beer to have a great time with friends. It is not so much a family place unless you are comfortable with your family being there, my grandmother and aunt did not enjoy it (they are not so much fun with that style of humor). I enjoyed the theme of the place where the server can basically talk to you any way they choose. Its cool to have someone not give a damn about what they say to you especially if you piss them off. The hats are the trademark of dicks(I will post my picture with my hat “I beat anorexia” but I won’t post my families pics cause I know they won’t appreciate that. If you are a friend of mine on fb you will see the pics on there).

Onto the real reason we are here, the food. As you can see on my pic the menu is behind me and it is limited. The thing that stood out when the server was explaining the menu was the country fried chicken and said it had a jalapeno country gravy. I was sold just on that. He also recommended the aligator bites and crab balls as an appetizer. I noticed the aligator bites and was intrigued. The meat to me had a texture of steak and was good, I would like to travel to florida where I hear aligator nuggets are awesome! The crab balls were eh, they weren’t fresh crab and lacked flavor. I also ordered a crab cake and was disapointed when it was basically the same thing as the crab ball. I didn’t understand though how our server could recommend the crab balls but when I ordered the crab cake on the side he didn’t care for the crab cake. I understand now why he didn’t care for the crab cake, I just don’t get why he recommends one over the other when its the same thing. Well when the rest of the food came out I was disapointed in my meal because it tasted no different than any other country fried steak I have ever had and I tasted no hint of jalapeno at all. The rest of my family (those of them that got food since they forgot my grandmothers meal) didn’t enjoy the food at all. So if you want to grab a beer at dicks thats fine and enjoy your time, I just don’t recommend the food.

Umberto's At Barefoot Landing on Urbanspoon
Our night at Umberto’s was for my Aunt and Uncle’s anniversary and was there pick of the night since they had visited Umberto’s before. Umberto’s is an Italian restaurant and the majority of the meal is served family style. You get to the table and receive your 3 family style portions of pasta fagioli, tomato & cucumber salad and then angel hair pasta with marinara sauce. After those 3 portions you receive your individual meal that you ordered. I got the eggplant and veal parmigian. The veal was very good but I didn’t enjoy the eggplant because it was way too thin, the breading was thicker than the piece of eggplant. All in all the meal was nice, and was a different change from what we had eaten the past few nights.

Bonefish Grill on Urbanspoon
Bonefish Grill was my favorite place while in Myrtle Beach, my grandmother wanted to go here just because she wanted grouper. We started with a recommendation from the server of the “BANG BANG SHRIMP” that are smaller shrimp breaded and fried then mixed with a signature spicy sauce. My grandmother and aunt who do not eat shrimp enjoyed this along with the coconut shrimp. I don’t like coconut and loved this dish! My main course was a chilean sea bass with a lump crab and roasted tomato sauce which was A-MAH-ZING! The sides were zucchini and green beans and were cooked perfectly as well. I can say that if I return to Myrtle Beach next summer or in the future Bonefish Grill will be at the top of my list!

Carolina Roadhouse on Urbanspoon
My dad visits Myrtle Beach a few times a year and his favorite place is Carolina Roadhouse. 2 things he made sure to tell me to try were the croissants and hot bacon honey mustard dressing. By ordering a salad I was able to get both! The croissants have a honey glaze to them and are hot and fresh when brought to the table. The dressing for the salad was just as good and when brought out are mixed seperately. I ordered the fried seafood platter and was delicious! The one thing I was worried about the plate was the fried oysters and I think when I tried them they stole the show for the night. Other items on the plate were shrimp, blue crab claw, flounder and hush puppies with fries. I would rank Carolina Roadhouse #2 on my list of places to go back to see in Myrtle Beach

Golden Griddle Pancake House on Urbanspoon
The morning the majority of my family was leaving we went out for Breakfast to the Golden Griddle. The whole week we had breakfast at our condo so it was a nice change of pace. I had the Georgia Pecan Pancakes with a side of corned beef hash. The pancakes were great, very light and full of pecans. The corned beef hash was awful. If you have ever had canned hash before thats what this was, I am tired of going to breakfast spots and them using canned hash. This is my plea to breakfast places, if you won’t use fresh hash, take it off the menu!

Oscar's Food & Spirits on Urbanspoon
The final trip was to Oscars which happens to be a PITTSBURGH BAR! The outside is black and gold and the inside is like any typical dive bar. A lot of Pittsburgh stuff throughout the place and tons of tv’s. The menu was huge and in my opinion had way too much to choose from, but if you can’t find something on this menu I don’t know where you will. They tried to push the “pittsburgh style” sandwiches but I opted for something I have never seen before and that was a “pastreuben” which was a pastrami reuben. After all the food I ate in Myrtle Beach I had enough by the time I went to Oscar’s and could barely finish half the meal. I am not sure if I liked the pastreuben more than a regular reuben but I was glad to try it, I just wish I could’ve actually enjoyed it.

The thing I have to give Myrtle Beach is the service, we didn’t have one bad server the whole trip. I hope this trip blog helps you out if you ever find yourself in Myrtle Beach. Let me know what you think of any of these places if you ever make it.

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