Giovanni’s Pizza & Pasta – June 22, 2011

Giovanni's Pizza & Pasta on Urbanspoon

My Aunt listens to KDKA all the time at work and Giovanni’s is talked about damn near everyday so today we thought we would take the trip into town to pick up a pizza. First I have to say the pizza was a little pricey, I ordered a medium and it cost $19 and some change. The dough was ok, nothing special, wasn’t soggy which I was grateful for. The cheese was scarse I thought and could’ve had more coverage. The sauce was sweet which I didn’t mind for something different but wouldn’t want a sweet sauce every time I eat a pizza. We had pepperoni, sausage and mushroom on it and the spiciness from the sausage mixed well with the sweet sauce. Overall I would give the pizza a C+, wasn’t awful but didn’t “WOW” me enough to make the trip into downtown the next time I want a pizza. The Giovanni’s menu is pretty stacked, so if you have been and think I should try something outside of the pizza please leave a comment and let me know.


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