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Raise your hand if you haven’t been to a Mad Mex location…I’ll wait… Really? My first trip to Mad Mex was a while back and it wasn’t for food, just the Big Azz Margarita special. On almost every holiday or special day Mad Mex does some type of Big Azz Margarita special and they are totally worth it! I remember being there during the 2008 Presidential Election watching as Barack Obama was announced the President elect, and me and my friends rushed home to watch his speech seeing as Mad Mex wouldn’t turn the sound on (still pissed about that!). Every time I am there it is for some Big Azz special, well yesterday I took my friend Rachel for a belated birthday dinner (Happy Birthday Rachel!) and we made sure we got there for the happy hour specials. I started with a Big Azz Black Cherry Margarita on the rocks (not a big fan of frozen) and if anyone from Mad Mex is reading this I need to mention that the Cranberry Margarita’s need to return, I haven’t seen them in a while and they were the bomb (.com). Where was I? Oh yea, the Margarita was on point as usual and Rachel was hyping up the Grilled Chicken & Corn Burrito which she had the last time. It has fresh local corn with grilled chicken, roasted chilis, goat cheese, monterey jack cheese, pico de gallo and mexican rice all stuffed in side a square (really?) burrito and topped with colorado sauce. Grilled corn salsa, sour cream, and guacamole are on the side. The thing that won me over about this burrito was the goat cheese, never have I ever had goat cheese in something at a mexican restaurant. Mad Mex gets bonus points for that!

My standard at Mad Mex is usually the “Nacho Momma’s Taco Platter” and is ground beef taco’s, it’s pretty idiot proof and the standard in mexican food. I am also a fan of the Chicken Chimi.

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  1. I’ve also had an audio related problem at MadMex. Was one of only a few people eating at the Oakland MadMex, and could hardly hear my friend because music was on so loud. Asked for it to be lowered and was told that it wasn’t possible due to policy…

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