Franklin Inn – July 26, 2011

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When you hear the name Franklin Inn, I don’t think Mexican cuisine is the first thing that will come to your mind. A few years back my aunt and uncle took me to the Franklin Inn for dinner and I was surprised at the quality of food they offered. I haven’t been back to the Franklin Inn since then until this past week when my aunt and uncle took my sister for her bday, my cousin and I just had to tag along.

The worst thing going into this trip was that I was getting over an upset stomach so I unfortunately couldn’t eat too much spicy food šŸ˜¦ …I tried to get something that would be somewhat calm but enough for me to write a blog about. Growing up my dad loved going to ChiChi’s and get their beef chimichanga. Since ChiChi’s closed I have been trying to find a replacement for my dad, I feel cuzamilĀ in sq hill has a great portion and wanted to see what Franklin Inn had to offer. In my cuzamilĀ blog a few weeks back I mentioned that I thought if you have had one Mexican restaurants rice and beans that you have had them all, Franklin Inn proved me wrong on that! Both their rice and beans had added flavor that has been missing at other restaurants, butĀ a little on the dry side. Franklin Inn doesn’t do it butĀ I will say I have found places that add cheese onto the refriedĀ beans and theyĀ know what they are doing. Onto the main event, on the menu some things confused me, under the chimichangasĀ they listed you could get shredded beef, chicken, or pork. However on another platter section it said you could get ground beef, which is what I was looking for. I asked our waiter and he told me that ground beef was an option and that the menu isn’t completely accurate (not always good to hear, but worked in my favor). The ground beef chimichanga was smaller than I would’ve liked and was very packed inside to the point when I made the first cut the ground beef inside basically all fell onto the plate. I’m not sure what the beef sits in during the day, but the spice in it gave a good taste but it was very greasy.

For my sisters birthday they offered to give her a free desert of their homemade Oreo ice cream, 4 extra spoons please! I wish I could say this was the best ice cream ever, but I can’t.

Overall from the food to the ice cream, the meal was good but didn’t give me enough to want to make the drive back over and over again. Maybe in a few years I’ll stop back again.



  1. My crunchy chicken tacos were delicious! Plus the black bean and corn salsa on the side was different, light and a healthy alternative to refried beans and mexican rice. I also got to choose another side and i picked a salad with oil and vinegar dressing but the wait recommended the house dressing; jalapeno dressing. It wasnt too spicy, but it was good! Their chips and salsa were excellent, the salsa was very flavorful and delicious and the margaritas on the rocks were great too. I really enjoyed their food and cant wait to go back!

  2. Hi Christopher,
    Thank you for your comments. We are always looking for ways to improve our food and service and appreciate the feedback. Don’t wait a few more years. Please come visit us again soon when you are feeling better.

    S_dawgm: Thank you for your comments as well. I’m so happy you enjoyed your meal. You’ll be happy to know that our pinto beans are not re-fried. They are real whole beans that we mash and cook with our spices. We also include a very small amount of trans-fat free margarine more for consistency than flavor. I’m not a nutritionist but I believe they are on the healthier side for beans at a Mexican restaurant. Both our Mexican Rice (tomato feature) and Green Rice (jalapeno feature) are made without lard or butter just some chicken stock, and like the beans, our spices, veggies, and peppers. So, if you’d like to try them next time, they shouldn’t break your diet too much. We do put cheese on our black beans but you can always ask your server to exclude the cheese if you’re watching calories.

    Ammie: I’m glad you enjoyed the Oreo Ice Cream. I think my hubby makes the best ice cream. Look for the Mexican Chocolate or Chocolate Chile next time you visit. His Butter Pecan is also to die for. I think he might make that one this weekend.

    Thank you all for taking the time to visit us. My staff and I appreciate your patronage and value your feedback.
    Wendy Cibula

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