Claddagh Irish Pub – July 27, 2011

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Last week I went to Claddagh Irish Pub in South Side for the first time, I have been interested in the place for a while now wondering how their Irish menu would compare to others. The real reason that got me into the place was that night they featured a happy hour special of $4 long islands, they were nice! I actually didn’t know Claddagh’s is a chain, I thought it was just a Pittsburgh place. The meal started with an order of Corned Beef & Cabbage rolls which are an egg roll version of corned beef and cabbage. Inside you will find corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and Monterey jack cheese in a wonton served with a thousand island dipping sauce. The rolls weren’t bad, they were what I was expecting, nothing less and nothing more but the thousand island dipping sauce was good, had a nice flavor to it that helped bring more flavor to the rolls.

For dinner I ordered the Baked Mac & Cheese with an addition of Irish Rasher. I wasn’t sure what an Irish Rasher was going in, but the waiter informed me that it was like Canadian bacon. Sure why not! The meal is listed as a rotini in a three cheese sauce baked with a garlic parsley crumb topping. I don’t know what kind of three cheeses were in it but the three cheese sauce tasted more like cheese whiz. I was hoping for more of a gooey mac and cheese but instead it definitely was a thick cheese sauce. I don’t think the meal was baked that long because the crumb topping was hardly even toasted, it seemed like it was put on just before it was put on the table. The Irish Rasher wasn’t bad, but didn’t help the dish at all, which I was praying for early on.

I might’ve been brought in because of the $4 long islands, but the food didn’t give me enough reason for a return trip.



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