Razzy Fresh

Razzy Fresh Frozen Yogurt on Urbanspoon

This I believe is a first for Yinz Hungry, a strictly FroYo blog! lol. A few weeks back I finally noticed something new in Sq Hill as I was driving by and it was Razzy Fresh. I was looking forward to giving it a try because sometimes I want something healthier/lighter than ice cream. Last week when I walked in Razzy Fresh the first thing noticed is that its not very big inside. You walk in and there are about 3 tables and I think about 10 different kinds of FroYo. Each machine has 2 types of Frozen Yogurt (most being non-fat!) so you can either mix them seperate or even together. 3 kinds that I have tried are Mango, Vanilla, and Cherry Amaretto. The Cherry Amaretto is my favorite so far! After you take your container of FroYo, you move onto the topping bar that has a very wide assortment from candy to fresh fruit. If I’m going healthy, I’m going healthy all the way so I like the Fresh Fruit. I like the assortment of fruit, my favorites being Mango & Kiwi, you can check out razzyfresh.com for the listing of all flavors of froyo and toppings! When you check out, your container gets weighed and is weighed at a cost per ounce, which is a little expensive but I think totally worth it! Plus they have a rewards punch card, for every 10 you buy you get 1 free.

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