Pasta Too

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My family and I went to Pasta Too this past Sunday for my Nunnies birthday (and mine too!) and was the first time the majority of us have ever been to the restaurant. My cousin has gotten us food from there before and we all have liked what we have had and figured it was about time to see the place up close. My cousin was telling us that if you get to the restaurant after 5pm that there is usually a line out the door so we got to the place around 3:30-4 and we still waited a little bit for a table but wasn’t too bad. When I originally heard that there could be a line out the door I expected a small restaurant, but it is anything but. The dinning room is a great size and can seat many large or small parties. I love the lighting the in middle of the restaurant with the blue sky! When we sat down so many good options on the menu, and we were greated with fresh warm italian bread and dipping oil on the table. We then ordered some fried zucchini and stuffed spinach and cheese breadsticks. I am very picky about my fried zucchini and I will say this was better than most because they actually gave you a thick cut of zucchini compared to the normal breading with a thin slice. I still prefer horseradish over sauce, but I sucked it up and used the sauce. I did like the stuffed spinach and cheese breadstick over the fried zucchini. The next course was a salad that came with my meal, a typical house salad and at this point I was already starting to get full. If you look at the pictures above I have 2, the first is the full order of Chicken Parm that I ordered, the second picture shows everything I could eat of the Chicken Parm plus a side of Gnocchi that I had on the side (which was barely touched until the next night for dinner). Our waitress was very nice, and did a great job of keeping up with a party of 9. I enjoyed the meal, but the trip out to Pasta Too was a little bit of a drive and I’m not sure I would want to keep making the trip out each time I am in the mood for italian. I guess I will just have to wait and see if I start craving Pasta Too in the future. I still haven’t found a local italian place by me that makes me want to go back over and over again.


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