Alma Pan-Latin Kitchen – August 18, 2011

Alma Pan-Latin Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Regent Square is really starting to take off more than ever, 3 new restaurants have opened this summer Cibo, Root 174 and now Alma Pan-Latin Kitchen. I have been looking forward to visiting Alma since they opened since I live very close by and this year for my birthday my sister got me a gift card for each new restaurant in Regent Square to try. So for my birthday dinner my mom, sister and I chose Alma for something new. My mom and sister are not too adventurous when it comes to food, but after our meal I think they were both very happy with their dinner selection and that is what mattered most to me.

As for my experience, walking into Alma it didn’t look like a whole lot changed inside as for the look of the restaurant from its previous tenant Callie’s. That soon changed once we tried the food. Our server, Abbie, was wonderful the whole night. She was very personable, energetic and knew the menu well. If she didn’t know something specific she had no problem asking what it was first and coming back to us with an answer, to me that little extra goes a long way! The empanadas were recommended for an appetizer and were told that the nights filling was queso fresco. The empanadas were a hit at our table, the dough was light and flakey, while the queso fresco filling had a nice taste and texture. Something else we all enjoyed was the tomatillo salsa on the plate and I hope that is there for every empanada dish, VERY flavorful.

The main event for me was the Chuletas de puerco con pina y batata. I’m glad they have english descriptions on the menu so I knew exactly what it was – Grilled pork loin with pineapple and white sweet potato puree. I thought my pork loin was cooked perfect, slightly pink and very juicy. The seasoning was perfect, which had a little bite to it. The white sweet potato puree was new to me and I enjoyed that, and the grilled pineapple added an extra element to the dish. I liked the grilled pineapple and thought it stood out, by grilling it, the pineapple lost a lot of the harsh bite fresh pineapple has and was just nice and sweet. All three elements together made a phenomenal and delicious dish. For garnish in the sweet potato puree there was a plantain chip, I’m not sure right now if Alma has plantain chips as an appetizer, but if they don’t I hope someone is reading this and try it out because I think they would be a great addition.

An area I didn’t ask about that Callie’s once had was a bar in the back/side of the restaurant. If Alma has that additional bar as well I think that will help with repeat customers. I know I was highly impressed during my visit and am looking forward to my return in the near future.


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