Rick’s Sports Bar & Grill – August 21, 2011

  Rick's Sports Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

This past Sunday Jerome McButters and I made our way out to Rick’s Sports Bar after a quick day trip to PSU. For the past 2 years we have driven by Rick’s and wondered what it was like, so we finally decided to stop in. From the outside Rick’s looks huge and usually has a packed parking lot, on the inside is a huge dinning area and looks like a great place to watch a game. The bar has flat screens going all around it and numerous flat screens through out the place, even personal tv’s in booths. The overall look of Rick’s is your typical local sports bar look but magnified because of the huge restaurant. You know me by now, I’m not into a place just because of the look, the food is the most important part.

Since it was my first trip I wanted to try a couple of things so Jerome and I started with 6 of the Jumbo Wings with Hot BBQ sauce. I will give Rick’s credit on the wings, they had a nice crisp fry to them and the sauce was tasty too. If you can tell from the picture the sauce was poured over the wings, I would’ve preferred the wings to be tossed in the sauce to get a nice coating, but as I said they were tasty. Next came my dinner, the Beef Brisket Sandwich. I’m a brisket fan and had a craving for it lately, so I just had to try it. AWFUL! This was probably the worst brisket I have ever had. The brisket itself was completely dry, no juiciness to it whatsoever. The roll it came on was toasted so it didn’t have much flavor to it either and was pretty dry itself. That’s it, nothing else on the sandwich except for the brisket and roll. I was upset, for a place I have been wanting to try it really let me down. This is when I was happy I ordered the wings and that they had a lot of sauce poured on them because I tried to scoop up as much Hot BBQ sauce as I could and put it on the brisket just to add something that would help out the dryness and give some flavor. I ordered the fries with the sandwich as a side, I was happy with the fries but at this point the meal was ruined for me. I am still flabbergasted that the brisket was so dry…

I am not sure if I would want to make another trip to Rick’s, but for the hype I have heard I really want some of you who have been to let me know exactly what it is that brings you back to Rick’s over and over again. Maybe its just the bar? If you visit the website to look at the menu, you will notice how many appetizers Rick’s offers and that surprised me, I’ve never seen so many appetizers on a menu before. They pretty much dominated the menu. Maybe that’s the key to eating at Rick’s just eat appetizers.

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