Church Brew Works – August 27, 2011

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Church Brew Works has been on my list of places to visit for quite some time now and this past Saturday I finally got the chance to visit. I think the atmosphere when you walk in is pretty awesome, just seeing the majority of the old church still intact with a lot of additions around it. When you are getting ready to be seated to the left is the bar area and to the right is just regular seating. As we sat down I looked at the beer menu, can’t go to a brewery without trying a beer right? The one that caught my eye early on was the Cherry Quadzilla. Here is the description from Church Brew Works – “The Cherry Quadzilla is a full-bodied Belgian ale that is amber in color with some red hues. You will notice lots of fruit-like esters and a bread-like maltiness with a lingering caramel sweetness. As the beer finishes, a slight bitterness and an alcohol warming take effect. As the Cherry Quadzilla warms, the complexity increases and the flavor becomes fuller.” I did notice the early tastes of the Belgian ale, but the thing that lacked from the beer was the cherry flavor. The cherries seemed to give the beer its “red hues” more than flavor and taste.

As for the food portion of the evening, our meal started with some Untraditional Pierogies and the filling of the night was a buffalo chicken and the pierogie was then deep-fried. I don’t think I have ever had a pierogie deep-fried?! YES PLEASE! The filling was a buffalo chicken and jack cheese, it was good but I wouldn’t say great. I think the thing that lacked the most was seasoning, because I didn’t get hit with a lot of flavor.

For my main event I had the Buffalo & Wild Mushroom Meatloaf. I am usually the first one to pass over meatloaf when I see it on a menu at a restaurant because I usually feel like all restaurant meatloafs are made the same. I do love meatloaf when made at home, it is probably my favorite meal. Church Brew Works lists the Buffalo & Wild Mushroom Meatloaf as Oven roasted and served with 5-herb mashed potatoes, sautéed medley of spinach, carrots, and leeks and roasted tomato demi-glace. I wasn’t impressed with my dinner. I decided to order it because I have heard such good things about Church Brew Works and thought maybe they could prove me wrong on my fear of restaurant meatloaf. They didn’t. The meatloaf was average and for it being a mushroom meatloaf I had very little mushroom in the dish. The brown beef gravy over it is what always covers up meatloaf in restaurants and just is way too overpowering. If the meatloaf itself is good, give it something that accents the flavors and doesn’t cover it up. The 5-herb mashed potatoes were dry for the most part and I really couldn’t get the flavor of the 5-herbs, that brown gravy was overpowering them too. The sautéed medley of spinach, carrots, and leeks was very bitter and really wasn’t needed, it was more a side spinach salad. I would’ve rather had a side of vegetables instead of the ‘salad’.

I will say that I will be back to Church Brew Works, I ordered something I wanted to be proved wrong about and wasn’t. My mistake. I will go back and try some of the other dishes that caught my eye that night. I also have a few beers in mind for the next time I go as well.


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