Month: November 2011

Is Pizza A Vegetable?!

There has been a lot of discussion lately as to Congress letting Pizza be described as a vegetable because of its 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce. I am not going to try and tell you that it should or shouldn’t be (it shouldn’t), but depending on how it is served I think it can be a somewhat healthy choice. For years I’ve heard the argument that it can give you servings of bread, dairy, meats, and fat all in one. Now we probably all realize a veggie lovers pizza is more healthy than meat lovers, but where is the fun in that?! Both Anderson Cooper and Saturday Night Live have covered this story, lets go to the video footage:

Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN describes this “Congress decided that two tablespoons of tomato sauce “is good enough” to categorize a slice of pizza as a vegetable. And that’s good enough reason to put it on The RidicuList.”
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Saturday Night Live Weekend Update “REALLY!?! with Seth & Kermit”
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Curry Away – November 4, 2011

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I don’t usually do blogs like this, but it was my first trip to Curry Away so I am going to do it. Instead of eating at Curry Away I took my dinner for take out. The inside of Curry Away is very small, only like 10 people it looks like can sit inside at a time, but they have a very beautiful patio outside that they have added on for additional seating. This location has been a few other restaurants (mostly take out) and it looks like Curry Away might be able to outlast the others. I ordered Chicken Pad Thai, Chicken Pineapple Curry and Spring Rolls. I ordered both dishes at a 6 level and it was the perfect amount of heat that I was looking for, just enough for spice and not to overpower the dish. I’ve had Pad Thai from many places, and I think Curry Aways could be my favorite. The Pineapple Curry was a new dish for me and the description of Special Curry sauce with pineapple, tomatoes, peas, carrots and coconut milk were perfect as well especially over the white rice. The coconut milk and curry sauce along with the pineapple and chicken just gave me a real comfort food feeling. A noodle dish I really like is Pad SEE-EW and I am definitely going to get that on my next visit. If you live in Swissvale/Edgewood I would highly recommend Curry Away!


Otto’s Pub & Brewery – October 28, 2011

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Otto’s Pub & Brewery is located in State College, I was up on a visit to visit my cousin Jerome McButters and we stopped by Otto’s for dinner. First strike against Otto’s was that they have a beer menu, I asked for the Oktoberfest and the waitress told me they didn’t have that. Why do places have things on menu’s if you aren’t carrying it. If you don’t want to drink beer, I recommend trying their homemade Root Beer, very tasty. As an appetizer I ordered their nachos, and they star in this dish in my eyes were the jalapeno’s! I have never had that fresh of a jalapeno before, it was like they just picked it! That is something I was told by Jerome about that Otto’s uses a lot of local ingredients. I have been on a kick of finding a good Brisket sandwich ever since my trip to Rick’s a few months ago and had the worst one ever. Otto’s offers a Smoked Brisket Cheesesteak, well I have never heard of such a thing! Menu lists it as Smoked Brisket Cheesesteak with grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms and local Amish sharp white cheddar on a Pacifico hoagie roll. I also added a side of horseradish sauce, because I think horseradish and brisket goes hand in hand. HEAVEN! The fresh cut fries as a side gave it an extra bit of alright and this meal was complete. If you are in State College make sure you stop by Otto’s for food, beer or both. I’m sure you will go home happy.

Six Penn Kitchen – September 28, 2011

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Sorry this blog is so late, I have no excuse for it taking so long. I went to Six Penn Kitchen back in September for a birthday and was pretty impressed. I didn’t know this little face until close until my trip… Six Penn Kitchen is owned by Eat N Park. I like ENP so I had high hopes going into Six Penn. I looked at the menu before my trip in and I had my eye on the Cracklin’ Pork Shank. Unfortunately they were out of this item, which I didn’t understand since it is on the menu and not a special. Six Penn lost a point for that one, but I am happy to say it was the only point they lost. I ordered the short rib Bolognese which was recommended highly by my server and it was very delicious. The pasta, ribs and feta were a tasty match that I didn’t expect. I didn’t get the point of the roasted tomatoes in the dish however, but I moved past them. I also had the Beet Salad, which was romaine lettuce with radish, onion, apple, pear and a pink peppercorn horseradish dressing, which was delicious but I made sure I was saving enough room with all the appetizers and bread. I remember having the flash fried calamari and house made pretzels as an appetizer, and I would recommend both, especially the whole grain Dijon mustard. Six Penn Kitchen scored perfectly on everything except for the menu item that wasn’t available, but I will look past that on my next trip as long as they have it lol.

The McRib…

“The McRib is Back!” You see this everywhere right now, it’s like when Disney releases a movie from the vault, you have to get it before it goes away again. I went the other day to get one and it reminded me of a quote Don Draper used this past season on Mad Men:

“You get lonely, you forget someone’s bad qualities, you think you miss them, so you get together, it’s awful and you instantly regret it!”

That’s the McRib! McDonald’s takes it off the menu and maybe once a year or even longer they bring it back. So it’s like an ex, out of sight out of mind and then one night you are just out having a great time and boom you run into them and you begin to wonder “why haven’t I hung out with them in a while?” Then you do and BAM, you’re sitting there remembering and regretting the decision and wondering what you’ve been doing with your life up to this point. I’ve done this numerous times, both with the McRib and past relationships… So if you are like me and don’t want to regret another decision, stay away from The McRib and think of what Kramer said about “Kenny Roger’s Roasters” on Seinfeld: “Hey, stay away from the chicken. Bad, bad chicken, mess you up.”

I’m glad Anderson Cooper agrees with me…
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