The McRib…

“The McRib is Back!” You see this everywhere right now, it’s like when Disney releases a movie from the vault, you have to get it before it goes away again. I went the other day to get one and it reminded me of a quote Don Draper used this past season on Mad Men:

“You get lonely, you forget someone’s bad qualities, you think you miss them, so you get together, it’s awful and you instantly regret it!”

That’s the McRib! McDonald’s takes it off the menu and maybe once a year or even longer they bring it back. So it’s like an ex, out of sight out of mind and then one night you are just out having a great time and boom you run into them and you begin to wonder “why haven’t I hung out with them in a while?” Then you do and BAM, you’re sitting there remembering and regretting the decision and wondering what you’ve been doing with your life up to this point. I’ve done this numerous times, both with the McRib and past relationships… So if you are like me and don’t want to regret another decision, stay away from The McRib and think of what Kramer said about “Kenny Roger’s Roasters” on Seinfeld: “Hey, stay away from the chicken. Bad, bad chicken, mess you up.”

I’m glad Anderson Cooper agrees with me…
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