Otto’s Pub & Brewery – October 28, 2011

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Otto’s Pub & Brewery is located in State College, I was up on a visit to visit my cousin Jerome McButters and we stopped by Otto’s for dinner. First strike against Otto’s was that they have a beer menu, I asked for the Oktoberfest and the waitress told me they didn’t have that. Why do places have things on menu’s if you aren’t carrying it. If you don’t want to drink beer, I recommend trying their homemade Root Beer, very tasty. As an appetizer I ordered their nachos, and they star in this dish in my eyes were the jalapeno’s! I have never had that fresh of a jalapeno before, it was like they just picked it! That is something I was told by Jerome about that Otto’s uses a lot of local ingredients. I have been on a kick of finding a good Brisket sandwich ever since my trip to Rick’s a few months ago and had the worst one ever. Otto’s offers a Smoked Brisket Cheesesteak, well I have never heard of such a thing! Menu lists it as Smoked Brisket Cheesesteak with grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms and local Amish sharp white cheddar on a Pacifico hoagie roll. I also added a side of horseradish sauce, because I think horseradish and brisket goes hand in hand. HEAVEN! The fresh cut fries as a side gave it an extra bit of alright and this meal was complete. If you are in State College make sure you stop by Otto’s for food, beer or both. I’m sure you will go home happy.

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