Six Penn Kitchen – September 28, 2011

Six Penn Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Sorry this blog is so late, I have no excuse for it taking so long. I went to Six Penn Kitchen back in September for a birthday and was pretty impressed. I didn’t know this little face until close until my trip… Six Penn Kitchen is owned by Eat N Park. I like ENP so I had high hopes going into Six Penn. I looked at the menu before my trip in and I had my eye on the Cracklin’ Pork Shank. Unfortunately they were out of this item, which I didn’t understand since it is on the menu and not a special. Six Penn lost a point for that one, but I am happy to say it was the only point they lost. I ordered the short rib Bolognese which was recommended highly by my server and it was very delicious. The pasta, ribs and feta were a tasty match that I didn’t expect. I didn’t get the point of the roasted tomatoes in the dish however, but I moved past them. I also had the Beet Salad, which was romaine lettuce with radish, onion, apple, pear and a pink peppercorn horseradish dressing, which was delicious but I made sure I was saving enough room with all the appetizers and bread. I remember having the flash fried calamari and house made pretzels as an appetizer, and I would recommend both, especially the whole grain Dijon mustard. Six Penn Kitchen scored perfectly on everything except for the menu item that wasn’t available, but I will look past that on my next trip as long as they have it lol.


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