Winghart’s Burger and Whiskey Bar – April 14, 2012

Winghart's Burger and Whiskey Bar on Urbanspoon

This past Saturday night some friends and I went to the South Side and planned on going to Fat Head’s for dinner. When Fat Head’s had a 2 hour wait, a friend of mine who works in the South Side mentioned Winghart’s which recently opened. We were hungry and went to Winghart’s as fast as we could in the rain. When we walk in, it looks mostly like a bar and the seating they had was all taken except for a few lounge seats in the very front. We sit down and when our waitress (Erin I believe) comes over she brings our menu’s and a beer list. She informs us that they are still going through a “soft open” until they get everything in stock in the bar and create all the Whiskey lists and whatnot. No problem, so far so good from what I notice bar wise. I also didn’t know that they already have a location in Market Square (I really need to check Market Square out more apparently). Erin goes over the food and how everything is prepared fresh and some of the ways the burgers and other things are made. She did a great job in my opinion on selling the food.

I order a gin and tonic to drink and when it came time to order my food this burger had me at hello, tell me this burger doesn’t sound delicious “Brie cheese, caramelized onions with bacon, arugula, and white truffle aioli.” Brie and White Truffle Aioli, YES PLEASE! Erin said she thinks that is the best burger on the menu, so I am pretty happy with my choice. The gin and tonic naturally arrived first (and a few others) and I give the bar credit for making a great gin and tonic where I could actually taste the gin! Sorry for the bad picture of the burger by the way, the lighting was pretty dim and I can only use a flash app on my phone. When the burger came out at first bite I was jubilant! From the bun biting into the cheese, caramelized onions, bacon, arugula, aioli and the juicy burger I didn’t have to struggle with getting all the flavors together and enjoying each bite. Each bite was as good as the previous and as I sit here typing this I am salivating over the deliciousness that is the shipwreck burger. FYI I noticed on the menu that sides are a la carte, so if you want fries with your burger that will cost you extra. From the bar to the food I was very pleased with my trip to Winghart’s on the South Side. From my glance over the menu I know I want to return to try the pizza and salad’s too.



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