Sesame Inn – May 11, 2012

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I went to Sesame Inn recently for lunch and I honestly couldn’t believe I have never blogged them before! I have worked in the North Hills full time for 7 years now, so it really surprised me in the 3 years I’ve had this blog I haven’t talked about one of my favorite Chinese restaurants! In my defense I guess, I don’t usually eat in at Sesame Inn, when I am at work we usually just get it to go and eat at the office.

Walking into Sesame Inn they have some fountains and zen rocks in the hallway, then once you get into the restaurant itself the inside has a sushi bar to your left and then all seating straight ahead. The restaurant is designed with warm colors to provide a relaxed and calm atmosphere while dining. Soon as we sit down our waiter comes by and fills the glasses with water and gives a green tea kettle. I love when Chinese restaurants provide tea with the meal, you don’t think it matters but when they do it makes it so much better.

The main event of the day was my favorite and the name sums the dish up… Amazing Chicken! The chicken strips are dipped in a light batter and lightly fried to a crispy perfection, accompanied with a delicious tangy sauce. That is straight from the menu and I couldn’t write the description much better! Downside of the meal is that I ordered fried rice with it but received white rice, oh well I’m not that picky about rice. The thing that surprised me the most is the lunch portion size at the restaurant, the take out portion is just right but eating at the restaurant was a full dinner size. DELICIOUS! I also received a side of wonton soup and was phenomenal, plenty of wonton’s inside and flavorful. I noticed when I get take out I usually get 1 wonton in the soup, so overall I think the portion size and quality is so much better when eating in at Sesame Inn but I can’t complain about the lunch portion because it is always so damn tasty!

Other menu items that I would recommend if you make the trip are : Chicken Fried Rice, Combination Lo Mein and Orange Chicken.


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  1. Sesame Inn is one of the only Chinese restaurants that I will eat at. The Orange Chicken is my favorite– I could eat it every day for the rest of my life! And they by far have the best wonton soup. I love the shredded lettuce (I think it’s lettuce anyway) and shredded meat in the soup.

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